WRESTLING RECAP: Playtime Williams breaks down WWE Raw from 04/13/15

( - When RAW and SmackDown leaves the confines of the U.S. soil, I expect them to bring the heat on their shows.  I will say, this RAW was a let down in regards to a premium show.  I understand that you are overseas and you want to give those fans the most superstars as possible...but WWE, quality of quantity!

Some things I still need to happen in the WWE Universe:

  1. Bring back the Cruiser Weight Division
  2.  Make all the matches mean something to some sort of belt or rivalry.  
  3. Show more of the roster.  You guys recycle the same talent too much

Here are the highlights of the show:

AirDate: Monday, April 13, 2015
Location: London, UK - O2 Center
Commentators:  JBL, Micheal Cole and Booker T.
U.S. Champion John Cena kicks of the show 
  1. Booed heavily
  2. "John Cena Sucks" chants
  3. Issues the U.S. Championship Open Challenge
  4. Bad News Barrett music hits
  5. Hometown explodes with cheers
  6. "Thank you Barrett" chants
  • U.S. Champion John Cena VS Bad News Barrett (BNB)
    1. Slow paced match
    2. Predictable
    3. In ring skills low, so had to get crowd into the match by having both superstars do finishing moves on each other and then having them kick out on the 2 and a half count.
    4. Cena Wins
    5. Lana comes out and announces that Ceva VS Rusev match will be a Russian Chain Match
    6. Rusev attacks Cena from behind with a chain wrapped around his fist
    7. 6 out of 10 for the match 
They showed how the Extreme Rules Heavyweight Championship Match came to be
  • Divas Battle Royal w/Bella Twins Commentary
    1. Last Diva to enter the match is Paige
    2. Huge ovation for hometown Paige
    3. Final Four in the match: Naomi, Cameron, Paige Alicia Fox 
    4. Final Two: Paige & Naomi
    5. Weak ending
    6. Paige wins
    7. Paige VS Nikki Bella at Extreme Rules
    8. 7 out of 10 for the match
Byron Saxton interviews Paige in ring
  1.  Passionate Interview
  2. Back story of Paige's rise to the WWE
  3. Naomi attacks Paige
  4. Thorough beating of Paige

    Cutaway: Bray Wyatt cuts a cryptic promo about his new obsession and him being the new face of fear.
    • Lucha Dragon VS The Ascencion
      1. Too short of a match
      2. Cruiser weight division need showcased again
      3. High flying action from the Lucha squad
      4. Lucha Dragon with a quick win
      5. 7 out of 10 for the match


    Cutaway:  Booker T interviews Roman Reigns in ring
    1. Mixed reaction from crowd
    2. "Suplex City" chants
    3. Askec about mental health after Wrestlemania 31 lost
    4. Reigns says he is healthy and will win the championship
    5. Booker T said that The Big Show screwed Reigns
    6. "Thank you Big Show" chants
    7. Reigns says Big Show is Seth Rollins b&$ch
    8. The Big Show interrupts on jumbo tron
    9. Show says he will knock down every effort that Reigns makes
    10. "Boring" chants
    11. Reigns tells Show if he keeps interfering, he will shove the Andre the Giant trophy down his throat
    12. Reigns goes up the ramp and Show sneak attacks him
    13. "You Sold Out" chants
    14. Show brutalizes Reigns and choke slams him on top of a UK cab that is on the ramp
    • Randy Orton VS Cesaro (Tyson Kidd and Natalya accompanying) - if Orton wins, he gets to name a stipulation for the Extreme Rules Championship match
      1. Slow match
      2. Nothing special
      3. Tyson interferes
      4. Orton wins by disqualification
      5. 6 out of 10 for the match
    Kane comes out and states that an important match to name a championship stipulation is at stake, winning by DQ is not acceptable.  He makes the match a handicap match.

    • Randy Orton VS Cesaro & Tyson Kidd (Natalya accompanying)
      1. Medium paced match
      2. More effort was put into this match
      3. RKO to Tyson for the win
      4. 7 out of 10 for the match
    Cutaway:  Kane watches Orton win with Rollins and J & J Security
    1. Rollins blames Kane for allowing Orton to have options
    2. Rollins decided he is not facing Ziggler for his stipulation match tonight
    3. Rollins wants to face Jamie of J & J Security and wants Jamie to lay down and let Rollins win
    4. Jamie says it is Kane's fault and he should be held accountable
    5. Rollins says Kane needs to do what is best for business and face Rollins. Kane just has to lay down.
    6. Kane walks away 
    • Adam Rose VS Dean Ambrose
      1. Quick match
      2. Nothing special happens
      3. Dean Ambrose wins
      4. New intro music for Sheamus
      5. 6 out of 10 for the match
    Kane is talked to by The Big Show about doing what is best for business.  Show reminds Kane that he sold out his team at Survivors Serious just for business.

      • Stardust VS Fandango with Rosa accompanying
        1. "Cody" chants
        2. Another quick match
        3. Stardust wins
        4. Fandango dumps Rosa and says he will not share his dance with the world
        5. 6 out of 10 for the match
      Kane is talked to by Daniel Bryan about losing his way and dignity as The Big Red Monster.
      • Seth Rollins with J & J Security VS Kane
        1. Seth tells Kane to lay down and do what is best for business
        2. "You Sold Out" chants as Kane takes a knee
        3. Kane lays down and Rollins covers him
        4. Kane kicks out at 2
        5. J & J Security gets in Kane's face and gets tossed from the ring
        6. Crowd is ecstatic and going crazier with each moment 
        7. Rollins begs Kane to please stop and begs Kane calm
        8. "No" chants
        9. Kane choke slams Rollins
        10. Kane signals for the Tombstone pile driver, but stops mid gesture
        11. Kane lays downs and rolls an unconscience Rollins on top of him
        12. Rollins is given the victory
        13. 7 out of 10 for the match
      • The Miz VS Mizdow with Summer Rae
        1. Undressing theatrics before the match gave boos to Miz and cheers for Mizdow
        2. Weak match
        3. Quick match
        4. Mizdow wins
        5. 6 out of 10 for the match
       Prime Time Players cuts a promo slamming Los Matadores and El Torito
      • Ryback VS Luke Harper
        1. Slow match
        2. Harper uses foreign object and is disqualified
        3. Ambrose runs to the rings and attacks Harper
        4. Harper runs through the crowd to escape
        5. 6 out of 10 for the match
      Byron Saxton interviews Naomi on her attack on Paige
      1. Naomi says she has nothing against Paige or the UK
      2. Naomi says she is tired of getting overlooked
      3. No more waiting for a chance - She is taking opportunities
      Dolph Ziggler issues an open challenge 

      • Ziggler VS Neville
        1. Crowd into the match
        2. Many eye candy moves performed
        3. Cruiser weight division truly needed
        4. Counter meanuever by Ziggler leads to a Zig Zag on Neville and a win for Ziggler
        5. 8 out of 10 for the match
        6. Sheamus attacks Ziggler and Neville and really beats up Ziggler
      Seth Rollins and J & J Security has 3 Lay Z Boys in the ring
      1. Rollins calls Kane a real man 
      2. Rollins calls out Randy Orton
      3. Rollins says his stipulation for the Extreme Rules match is that Orton can not use his finishing move, the RKO for the match
      4. Orton says Rollins relies on help from his posse too much, so his stipulation for Extreme Rules is a "Steel Cage" match
      5. Orton attacks everyone and Rollins runs out the ring to leave J & J Security to get beat up


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