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Last updated: June 30, 2016

Originally published: June 30, 2016

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Maybe I am getting old...or maybe because I have daughters...whatever the case may be, the trend of college ladies breaking the internet makes me happy.  No slight to the celebrities staying relevant by doing surface level activities...make your money and extend those 15 minutes of fame if possible!  I think I am just ecstatic that the internet is taking notice that ladies can be lovely from the mind first, and the internet is embracing that positive outlook.

I think this came across my Twitter feed because they know this New Orleans native loves his Louisiana colleges.  Because of that, ladies from Louisiana State University (LSU) and University of Louisiana, Lafayette (UL) decided to show brains and beauty are not exclusive commodities, and the hashtags #LSUGirlsBreakTheInternet and #ULGirlsBreakTheInternet were formed.

There are too many pictures to see, so I will just grab a photo from a few.  Search for the hashtag on Twitter and see them all!

College ladies, I support your breaking of the internet...but don't snap too many photos...get back to studying!

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