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Last updated: June 22, 2016

Originally published: June 20, 2016

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If you go back to when I first started this website...or my YouTube channel for that will see that I am most definitely a LeBron James (LBJ) supporter.  Maybe it is just the New Orleans side of me that can understand his story, the state of Ohio's story, and the City of Cleveland's story, because an elusive championship is quite the emotional journey.  After my New Orleans Saints blessed my soul with a Super Bowl victory for Super Bowl 44, my sports soul changed forever, and for the better.  I wanted Cleveland to experience that rebirth...a genesis of sports dogma...and finally that has happened.

Last night, LeBron James and company did what many claimed to be the impossible.  Over 30 teams has found themselves in a 3 - 1 deficit in the NBA Finals, and zero (0) teams have come back to win the title.

The internet, and overall displeasure for LBJ started to light up the internet.  Look at some of the examples below:

Well, I told people that despite the Cavs being down 3 games to 1, Golden State was still ripe for the picking because of the same reason the Cavs lost to Golden State last year - INJURIES!

Golden State was hurting physically, and they were now playing a team with nothing to lose and that was going to leave it all on the court every game.  Golden State has been one of the healthiest teams for the last two years, and it showed during the regular season when they broke the NBA record for most wins during the regular season.

They eclipsed the record of 72 -10 done by a team in the mid 90s by one game.  Many thought the team was unbeatable because of this record and the shooting talent on the squad.  Golden State played the Houston Rockets and their star player, defending league MVP (Unanimous vote for the 1st time ever), Stephen Curry was the same series.  They struggled to dominate teams from that point forward.  In fact, Golden State had to come back from a 3 to 1 deficit in the conference championship game against a young and hunger Oklahoma Thunder squad just to make it the NBA Finals.  Despite all that, they had a commanding lead on the Cavs.

Well, records are meant to be broken, and so are losing streaks.  Golden State had not lost 3 games in a row all season, so no one thought the Cavs would do as such.  Game 5 is over, and the Cavs wins, to no one surprise.

3 - 2 Series lead for Golden State.

The Cavs comes out on fire for Game 6, and the Golden State fan base starts to panic.  Stephen Curry not only fouls out of the game, but also is ejected from the playing area for throwing his mouth piece after fouling out the game!  Curry's wife did not take to kindly for this uncharacteristic display from her team or husband.  She goes on social media and claims that the NBA fixed the game!

The series is now tied 3 games a piece, but no way the Golden squad could lose 3 straight right?  Wrong!  LBJ put on a historical performance.  He ended up leading both teams in points, steals, rebounds, assists and blocks!  No player has ever done that in a series, let alone a Finals!

To make the deal even sweeter for LBJ, he hit the final free throw that put the game out of reach for the Golden State Warriors.

LBJ did it.  He provided that elusive championship for the city of Cleveland, like he promised, many years ago.  They hadn't seen a championship in 52 years, so you know they were crazy in the streets!  You also know that the internet went crazy as well!

Many people are familiar with the crying Micheal Jordan face that made it way all around the internet...multiple times to say the least:

Many people now say that Jordan has competition thanks to LBJ outwardly emotional display:

Failure to capture the ring for Golden State let one of the more outspoken members of that mid 90s squad have his say in the matter:

When it is all said and done, love him or hate him, LBJ has given NBA fans plenty to talk about.  He also provided much humor and drama for the people of the internet.  Here are a listing of memes that documents the historic battle of Golden State versus the Cleveland Cavaliers for the 2016 NBA Championship:

In no particular order:


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