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( - WWE NXT is exclusively shown on the WWE Network and is worth your time, energy and effort to see it. You can see that the WWE will be around for a long time because of the talent pool that is constantly showcased here.

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NXT 446 on the WWE Network:

Verdict: You had 3.5 matches and many future matchups that can transpire due to this episode.

Episode tidbits

→The new and improved, 4 members Undisputed ERA came out to show off all their championships.  Roderick Strong said he felt Pete Dunne would turn on him if they won the tag titles because he cares more about the UK Championship more than anything.  Since he could not trust Dunne, he chose to go with the proven Brotherhood.

→Next Week:  Candice LeRae VS Bianca Belair; TM61 VS Street Profits; Roderick Strong VS  Pete Dunne 

→Heavy Machinery called out the War Raiders.

→Dakota Kai has been traumatized by her experiences with Shayna Baszler.

→Kona Reeves debuts with a new image next week.

Match 1: North American Champion Adam Cole survives a ready Oney Lorcan (Match Grade: C++)

The crowd was heavy pro-Lorcan.  Lorcan fed off the energy of the crowd and punished the injured ribs of Adam Cole.  Undisputed ERA ran out to assist Cole and gave Cole the win.  ERA then went on to jump Lorcan.  Danny Burch tried to save Lorcan, but the numbers game was too much.

Match 2: Heavy Machinery gets another win over Riddick Moss & Tino Sabbatelli (Match Grade: C++)

Those Heavy guys played to the crowd well.  Tino and Moss started to control the match until a miscue between the two caused Tino to leave Moss high and dry in the ring.

Match 3: Jonny Gargano was ready to take on Aleister Black for the NXT Championship, but Ciampa attacked him from behind (Match Grade: B)

Not truly a match, but truly was a pivotal episode point.  Ciampa surprised attacked meant that Gargano had to suffer through much beating which ended with him going through tables.

Aleister  Black started to call out Ciampa, but SAnitY came out and interrupted him.  Black asked Eric Young if he wanted a title fight.

Match 4: NXT Champion retained his title against Eric Young (Match Grade: C++)

Black looked spry in this match.  Black dominated the match until the numbers game became a factor.  Despite the interference, Black prevailed.  Black ended up kicking all 3 guys of SAnitY in the face to end the show!

Last Week's Episode: 


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