Sports: My Brackets are Busted - True March Madness

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My March Madness Brackets are finished!  I will not be the winner of the yahoo $50,000 perfect bracket challenge!


Heck, they may charge me for wasting their time!

ESPN reported that they had 11.57 million people sign up for their tournament challenge.  As of this morning, only 273 of them have a perfect bracket!  That is 0.0024% of the people got their brackets correct!  Less than 1% is still in the hunt this morning!

My word!

To those 273 people that has their brackets correct this morning, I want to invest money into you so you can pick lottery numbers for me weekly!  Will will split the proceeds earned!


How did you guys do?

Comment and let me know how bad the damage is...or if we have a lottery business partnership!


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