FOOD REVIEW: Beograd - Serbian Salivation

( - I can finally say that I experienced Serbian and Regional Balkan cuisine!  I truly can finally say such a thing.  I never knew that I wanted to say this, but thanks to Beograd, I am happy to say as such.

I am convinced that long standing families that cook together will produce the most delicious food.  Beograd has been a family owned and operated business since 1984.  Just a look around the facilities and you will see family photos as well as influential history icons of the Serbian and surrounding cultures.

The service here is top notch as well.  Maybe I am weird, but I do not mind a person that comes around to check to see if my glass needs refilling, while also allowing me to actually eat my food.  They do
not rush you out, because it seems as though they enjoy having a person eat their food more than they are interested in making a dollar off the person that walks through the door.  My service was simply of this nature:

1.    What would you like to order?  If you do not know, I have some suggestions for you.

2.    These items will take X number of minutes.  Would you like a drink until then?

3.    Here is your food, is there anything I can get you before you start your meal?  Would you like the drink refilled.

4.    Many minutes later, after several staff passed by and ensured the drinks were filled: How is the food?  Please stay and enjoy it more.

That is a great dining experience.  Drink full without me having to flag down a person to do as such, plus a competent server that truly knows the best items on the menu for a person that has never been to the area before!  Others need to learn how to hook in a potential return customer!  They definitely mastered that craft!

The food is grand here.  I mean that texture, portion and most importantly, taste are prevalent here.  I had the following items:

Appetizer:  Shopska - tomatoes, cucumber,  peppers,  onions and feta cheese. Think of this as a really fresh salad.

Spinach Burek - Filo pastry filed with a blend of ingredients. This is a House Special, and I recommend this to anyone that is a fan of quiche or any quiche like items.

The main dish was a meat extravaganza.  I was presented the mixed sampler plate which comprised of three chevapchichi, two spicy pork sausages, one pork chop and pljeskavica.

Beograd Meat Market

All items consumed at Beograd are made in house.  All of them.  Every item.  There is a meat market on site, so even they cut the meats themselves.  Freshness is an understatement.

As a fat man, I am telling you that the salad, Shopska, is phenomenal! There wasn’t even salad dressing on it.  The salad blended together so well to whereas you did not need anything more than the light olive oil that they placed on it.  If eat continued to eat this, I would lose my fatness, but it is so good, to whereas I am not sure I would mind!

The spinach Burek had a nice balance of cheese, spinach and love.  This dough present item had nice flakiness and was very pleasant to eat.

Being a fat man, I prefer to munch of meat filled, meat grilled or meat of some form items.  All in all, you got what you came to expect from a meat mixture, but in my opinion, the spicy sausage is the true winner out the entire platter.  The delicate blend of spices did not add unnecessary heat to your mouth, while providing your taste buds with happy times of chewing bliss. 

The dessert, The Ice Cube, was a great blend of cake, custard and love.  Not sure what to say about it besides that!  It was not heavy at all, and very well balanced with texture and taste.

There are not enough positive time and energy to truly explain how happy I am with this place.  I have never physically been to Serbia, but my taste buds have. My taste buds says that I will be happy if my Southern Soul had to stop in that cold place for a little while!

The mixed grill plate, just like all their BBQ, takes 20+ minutes to prepare because of them not precooking anything.  I was shocked to see how much food you truly get with your order, and how
little the food actually cost.  You can get a fat stomach here, if you don’t live on Shopska, and maintain a fat wallet here.  I showed up to this place VERY LATE night, and the inside was still half full, and the plenty of outside seating was completely full.  That is how good the food is and how good of a value this place is.  I never heard the staff ask anyone to leave once!

For all of my readers that drink alcohol, they have Serbian brandy that is supposed to be really good.

This place is Fatman approved and frugal meter approved.

Get here now!


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