PRODUCT REVIEW: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE Experience Day 7

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Day 6 of my Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE experience is in the books, and now time for a new day and new details.  This, sadly, is the last day of me and my RAV4 being together!

Day 7 sucks because there is so much to love about this vehicle...and I had to go to I could not have one last grand journey with MY vehicle.  I spent the majority of my work day trying to figure out ways to convince Toyota to just let me have the vehicle!

My entire work day passed along, and I could not think of one solid story to convince Toyota to let me have this small SUV.  How do I mask my disappointment about not being able to concoct such a grand tale to whereas no Toyota executive could turn me down?  I play Pokemon Go and see just how far I need to drive until some sort of fuel indicator light pops on!  The weather opted to turn rainy, but this vehicle handle wet conditions just as smoothly as dry conditions.

A drive here, a Pokemon there, a Pokemon Gym all around, and wallah!  Finally, a low fuel alert pops on the dash.

The low fuel alert on the dash was short lived because the navigation panel touch screen gave an even bigger alert!  There is not a way you don't know that you need fuel!  To make the panel even sweeter is that is ask you if you would like it to find you the nearest gas stations!!!  Swag dear sir...that is swag!

I did not need my RAV4 to navigate me to a nearby gas station because this is my area, and I knew several to go to.  You know I pressed "Yes" on that panel anyway though!  Check my video below to see what happens when you do press the panel.

I pulled up to the pump and decided to see if $5 would be considered gas money in this vehicle.  The gas release panel switch is on the left side of the driver's seat, so I put in the $5 worth of regular unleaded to run my experiment.  I love that this small SUV takes regular gas instead of premium, so you are saving even more with the hybrid.

To my surprise, a tad bit over 2 and a half gallons of gasoline, $5 worth of gas, actually pushed the needle past the quarter mark on the fuel gauge!  $5 could actually be gas money, but don't allow anyone to offer you less than $10!

All in all, this vehicle is luxury mixed with economy.  I love all the safety features as well as the sound system in the RAV4.  The fuel mileage is a great added bonus.  You are certain to get 30+ mpg out of this comfy and smooth riding vehicle.

Head out to your local Toyota dealer and take a look at this beauty and ask for a test drive!


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