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Last updated: October 31, 2015

Originally published: October 31, 2015

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Too many children, this is a time for getting many confectionery goodness, in disguise, often times from strangers.

Having it put like that, this day doesn't sound that awesome in regards of child safety, but I digress!

Halloween has been a long standing tradition that has morphed into a commercialized success for the candy and costume industry, specifically in the United States.

The origins of Halloween stems from people trying to ward off spirits and ghouls on the one day of the year that they believe the line between the living world and spirit world was blurred.  It has taken on many different twist and turns over the years, and is looked forwarded to many every year in the United States.

Now, people, while uttering the phrase "trick or treat,"is look forward to seeing receiving treats while in cool costumes.  The other segment wants to use costumes to trick people into a state of panic.

I will showcase some good, some bad, and some potentially poor taste costumes seen around the world wide web.  You put them in the appropriate category.  I will also link some of the coolest pranks that I saw on the web as well.

I know for myself, the scariest thing that this candy loving person saw was this:

That is definitely a trick to the fat man!  With all the food allergies our there, do you think this is appropriate?

Send any pranks or costumes you want shown to and I will add it to the page.  

In no particular order, here are some costumes and pranks seen around the web:

DMPrankProductions on YouTube is an excellent source of scary funny:

Do you like Zombies?

This may be pet abuse!

How would you handle this?

Someone is in the house!

Demon problems right? 


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