FOOD REVIEW: Los Cucos Mexican Cafe is delicious and fun

Note: They have menu items that are not listed on the menu! Ask you waiter what secret and/or popular items that you don't see on a very extensive menu.  You just may wish to try those out too!  Also not that they have gluten free items, as well as a few Vegan dishes.  They also take great care not to cross contaminate for those of you with nut allergies.  Catering is available.  Happy Hour specials are available.

( - A Tex-Mex (Texas - Mexican) restaurant.  What could be more cliché than that in Texas, right?  Why bother trying to find a decent spot because they are all the same right?  Well, Los Cucos strives to break that stereotype and mold, and on my visit they did just that.

The ambiance of the place is great straight from walking in.  You are promptly greeted and seated, and there is plenty of space so you don't have the feeling of sharing your chips and salsa with the table next to you.

Speaking of chips and salsa, my girls did not stop eating or raving about how good the chips, and specifically, the green salsa was.  I had  to check to see if they had all fingers at one point.

With them that enthused about the complimentary appetizer, I was worried that the entree would disappoint.  Yet, why would I think as such?  This place has such a large variety, to whereas they have to be good, and they will find something to suit your palette's fancy.  There are soups, salads, nachos, quesadillas, stuffed avocados, chimichangas, enchiladas, burritos, platters, etc., etc.!  There is surely something there to peak your interest. 

I looked at the prices and realized that with the pricing this reasonable, the portions will be small.  I already planned on getting my un-Tex-Mex fill by stopping at Taco Bell.  I was definitely wrong.  The portion sizes are plenty.  My girls didn't speak much during the entree, and I had to ensure they were breathing in between gulps.  They both did stop long enough to ask me to try some of my food.  The kids sized quesadilla was plentiful, especially with fries and rice.  The same goes with the kids sized shrimp.  The kids meals comes with drinks, and yes, the refills are unlimited. 

I had the house specialty: Fajitas a la Cucos.  That was chicken and beef fajita meat covered with sautéed mushrooms, fresh onions, tomatoes, jalapenos, cilantro and Los Cucos Sauce.

I must admit, I definitely appreciated tasting fresh garnish and fresh toppings.  You can tell that this stuff wasn't sitting around for hours.  From the smells alone coming from that sizzling grill, you know you had freshness.  The taste did not disappoint.  My girls echoed my sentiment.
Great Energy From The Staff The Entire Time

On the way home they thanked me for such a delicious meal and stated they were full many times.

Dinner at Los Cucos includes great pricing, portions and taste.

Los Cucos does Tex-Mex right!

Los Cucos Tastemade Video

Fatman approved and frugal meter approved.


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