This is funny to me...but what about you?!?

People often told me that I have a weird sense of humor.  People also often times agree that laughter is the best medicine.  I love the internet because weird meets laughter on many pages. 

Playtime loves to find funny content on the web, and often time contributes content a time or two.  There are many brilliant minds on the World Wide Web.  I love using the internet to make people smile.  Admittedly, I do have a weird sense of humor.  Follow my weirdness as I showcase what illicit some form of emotion out of me…mainly laughter though.

Comment on EVERYTHING!!!  I love finding out what people think of what I post.

Remember one thing; I am primarily posting stuff from the web that made me laugh.  If you created it please let me know so I can credit you for your brilliance.

DISCLAIMER:  I truly believe that no one should be left out of humor.  This means that by viewing my page, you may see something that may be a sensitive issue to you.

That just may mean you have a big headed child (or you may have been that big headed child) and a picture of that may appear here.  Don't get upset.  Everyone is open to being made fun of.

 That is just a minor example.  EVERYTHING is fair game here for comedy.  Don't look if you are sensitive to seemingly juvenile humor! 

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