LIVE FROM HOUSTON: NBA - Game 7 Clippers VS Rockets Reactions

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Red Nation has been crazy with anticipation with the Game 7 matchup between the Clippers and Rockets.

I can tell you that even with the Rockets being down 3 games to 1, that meant nothing to the Rockets faithful. They just reminded me that they are part of  "Clutch City" and they openly welcome everyone to it!

Clutch City is in homage of the Rockets squad of the mid 90s that was down 3 games to 1 and went on to not only win that series 4 games to 3, but also captured the NBA Championship.

Game 7 between the Rockets and Clippers was a great back and forth affair,  but that nod to championship glory of the past seems to be coming full circle!

Next up - the number 1 seed of the best conference in the NBA - the Golden State Warriors.

Red Nation, how many games will it take to win this series?


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