FOOD REVIEW: The Breakfast Klub in Houston, TX


The Breakfast Club, located at 3711 Travis St Houston, TX 77002, has over 1600 reviews on the consumer driven critique site Yelp, so will my one review even make a difference?!?  Probably not, but since I like to give my one, two and three cents into a matter, you shall read from me!  Can this place really be almost a 5 star experience?  Can the food really be that good?  Well, I hate to admit it, but I definitely had a 5 star experience.  That doesn't happen normally, but this time it did.
Following the advice of a coworker, I decided to come to the place after 1pm to avoid the massive lines that form.  They also told me not to try to go on the weekend.  Friday at 1pm works for me, so that was my plan.  I didn't quite make it there for 1pm, but 1ish was good enough for me.

From the reviews, I knew parking was going to be an issue, but low and behold, someone was pulling away from the front of the place as I was pulling in!  God must have really wanted me to try this place!  Parking out of the way, I was expecting a line, but the 1pm advice was sound...right in for me!  God must have really wanted me to try this place!

From the onset, the staff was very friendly.  The greeter at the door was all smiles and handed me a menu.  After complimenting the looks of my daughters, the greeter told me what the business was known for, and made her recommendations.  As many reviews have told me, and concurring with what the greeter told me, either try the wings and waffles or the catfish and grits.  Screw deciding, I ordered both to go.  Throughout the entire time I was in the place, workers spoke to me and my children and ensured that we had proper condiments to go with our orders before the food even came out.  Even leaving we had staff speaking to us outside.  There is truly nothing wrong with friendly folks.

I was not impressed or please with the pricing of the dishes...let me go on record stating that...but darn it...these folks actually use spices on their food!  As a matter of fact, they sale their spice in the store, so they know their spice is tasty.  I must go on record and state that this establishment is the most flavorful place I have experienced in the Houston and surrounding area.  The food that I ate is the new standard bearer for taste for Houston.  The wings were well fried, not hard, and tasty.  The waffle was actually extremely fluffy and tasty as well.  The catfish was well fried, not hard and tasty as well.  The people in that kitchen know what they are doing.

I hate loving the taste of a restaurant that would charge $15 a plate for such simple dishes, but I know my tongue is betraying my wallet. My tongue will not allow me to never venture here again.  This is one of the few places that were able to live up to the hype.  I look forward to being able to try other items on the menu.  Hopefully the staff will be as professional as they were in my initial visit. Chicken and waffles and catfish and grits...yum!

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