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Ten years.

Diez. Das. Dix. Shi. Decem. Kymmenen. Dieci. Deu.

Ten…you get the idea…

It has been ten years since Hurricane Katrina became one of the worst natural disasters in United States history.

It has been 10 years having to sit back and only watch your city beg for assistance.  You could only sit back and watch with a hopeless sense, seeing your city being forever changed, for better or for worst. It has been 10 years since due to me deciding to evacuate my city, I became a refugee in my own country!   It has been 10 years since I knew my life, and the city I loved and continue to love, would never be the same

You are either one of three types of people, generally speaking that is!  The first person being someone that was on the outside looking in completely.  You didn’t have roots there, or your roots have been uprooted for many years before Katrina hit, so you slightly sympathize but have strong empathy.  Second person is the person that had the resources to leave before Katrina made landfall, so you were fortunate to see your city fall apart safely away.  The third is the people that were not able to make it out of the city and have the most unique stories of survival, human nature, horror, despair, love, heroism, etc.  The third group of people are the ones that let you know how bad things truly became.  Things actually became so bad to whereas the news just stop trying to report a death tool and just started estimating!

This story, my story, is not one of sadness though!  I, along with many other people, took that tragedy and turned it into something positive.  Necessity is the mother of all invention, so I have been told, so the need to establish yourself in a foreign environment for your sake and the sake of those your love, helped many people achieve, potentially way more than they would have if they would have stayed in the Crescent City.


Hurricane Katrina had a lot of good come from it, with a big thumbs up and major improvement to our National Emergency Response times and preparedness post Katrina.  Hurricane Katrina was a black eye for America, but we definitely moved forward, even though we still have a lot more work to do in modern times New Orleans.

I, like many others from New Orleans, went to Houston, TX and settled in there.  Many of my New Orleans natives settled in the Lone Star State quite nicely.  New Orleans is a city like no other on this planet.  My tongue and I miss my hometown at times, but I think I miss the New Orleans that was there pre-Katrina the most.

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Some people aren't happy, and aren't afraid to voice it.  WARNING: Strong language used!

Again please forgive my language but this is how I feel about celebrating Katrina 10 yrs later. KISS MY ASS MR MAYOR & governor & y'all celebration. Racist Ass
Posted by Terry Brown on Friday, August 28, 2015


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