WRESTLING RECAP: Playtime Williams breaks down WWE Raw from 08/31/15

( - The Summer Slam (SS) Pay Per View (PPV) was a week ago, and the WWE Universe was given a huge treat on last week's RAW. Time to build up the hype surround The Night of Champions (NOC) PPV, so this episode of RAW should be something special.  Unfortunately, after such an explosive RAW last week, this week's episode was just a common feeling RAW.

Some things I still need to happen in the WWE Universe:

  1. Bring back the Cruiser Weight Division
  2. Make all the matches mean something to some sort of belt or rivalry.  
  3. Show more of the roster.  You guys recycle the same talent too much.
  4. You may wish to consider bringing the Diva's division full circle and have them with Tag Title belts, lightweight belts, etc. 
  5. The Tag Team Division is starting to look better than the singles division.  Get more people graduated from NXT and get that division showcased more. 

Here are the highlights of the show:

AirDate: Monday, August 31, 2015
Location: Tampa, FL
Commentators:  JBL, Micheal Cole and Byron Saxton

Summer Slam (SS) recap of Seth Rollins winning the U.S. Title to add to his Heavyweight championship to become the first person ever to hold the title at the same time.  Then a RAW recap of the bronze statue unveiling to commemorate the first time ever even in WWE History that was interrupted by Sting. Then HHH is shown making a match between Rollins and Sting at Night of Champions (NOC) Pay Per View (PPV).

Sting comes to the ring
  1. Says he respects HHH
  2. Says Rollins is not half the man HHH is
  3. Says Rollins has escaped with the title for too long
  4. Says he will get the 1 title that has eluded him for his career by winning the Heavyweight Title at NOC

Seth Rollins tells Stephanie McMahon that Sting is disrespecting him and that he is better than everyone in the ring.  Steph said Rollins is not better than HHH and he needs to build a legacy to prove otherwise.  Rollins ask for his statue and Steph tells him to go ask Sting for the statue.

  • Dolph Ziggler with Lana VS Rusev with Summer Rae
    1. Rusev dominates early and the ENTIRE MATCH
    2. "Lets go Lana" chants
    3. "We want Lana" chants
    4. Ziggler tries to hold tights and everything to try to steal the match
    5. "Lets go Ziggler" chants 
    6. Ziggler catches Rusev with a surprise Zig Zag and covers Rusev
    7. Summer Rae interferes
    8. Lana attacks Summer
    9. Ziggler wins via DQ
    10. 7 out of 10 for the match

Ziggler is interviewed by Renee and says he does not like the way he won tonight.  He said he is hitting the showers for a date with Lana.   While Renee speaks on the matches that will happen tonight, Summer is seen sneaking into Ziggler's locker room.

Team Bella is in teh ring and Nikki introduces the "Bellatron." That is a countdown on the Jumbotron that will end when she is the longest reigning Diva Champion.  

The commentators explains that all members of Team PCB have a beat the clock challenge tonight.  Whomever defeats their opponents with the quickest time will get a shot at Nikkie Bella for the Diva's championship at NOC.  This is because Team PCB won the Divas elimination match at SS.

    • Becky Lynch VS Alicia Fox - Beat The Clock Challenge #1
      1. "Lets go Becky" chants
      2. Becky starts off aggressive
      3. Alicia avoids many submission maneauvers
      4. Alicia finally caught in a submission hold
      5. Becky wins via submission at 3:21
      6. 7 out of 10 for the match 

    Ryback is interviewed about his match against The Big Show.  Ryback says he keeps devouring obstacles in his path.  Summer Rae is heard screaming and then seen running away.  Ziggler comes out his locker room with only a towel on, asking what is going on.

      • The Big Show VS Intercontinental Champion (IC) Ryback for the title - The Miz on commentary
        1. SS recap of Ryback winning the Triple Threat match off Big Show's work at SS
        2. Show dominates early
        3. "Feed me more" chants to try to get Ryback going
        4. Ryback keeps kicking out of finishing moves (Choke slam and spear) 
        5. Show sets up for the KO punch but The Miz interferes 
        6. Ryback puts a finishing move on Show
        7. Ryback gets a pin victory
        8. 7 out of 10 for the match


      • Charlotte VS Brie Bella - Beat the Clock Challenge #2
        1. Brie stays between the ropes and outside the ring to waste time
        2. Brie gets caught with one neck snapping move
        3. Charlotte wins via pin fall at 1:40
        4. 7 out of 10 for the match

      RAW recap of the Dudley Boyz coming back to the WWE

      The Dudley Boyz interviewed and state they plan on putting everyone through a table.  Then they plan on winning the Tag Titles for a 10th time.

      • Cesaro VS /Kevin Owens
        1. Cesaro gets an early advantage
        2. Kevin Owens fights back and gets some huge hits on Cesaro
        3. Back and forth action
        4. Cesaro goes ribs first into the announcer's table 
        5. Owens concentrates on the injured ribs
        6. Owens gets a pin victory from a pop up powerbomb
        7. 8 out of 10 for the match

        Dolph Ziggler is talking to an upset Lana in the back.  He is trying to convince her that nothing happened between him and Summer Rae.  He let Lana know that Summer saw him naked for 2 seconds.  Lana leaves upset.

        • Braun Strowman VS Dean Ambrose
          1. RAW recap of Stowman beating up Roman Reign and Dean Ambrose
          2. SmackDown recap of Strowman beating up Reigns
          3. Wyatt grabs the mic and thanks Sister Abigail for Strowman
          4. Strowman says this is not the beginning. This is actually the end.  The end is near and it's an apocalypse
          5. Ambrose comes to the ring and then Reigns comes to the ring
          6. Strowman completely dominates Ambrose
          7. Strowman pushes Reigns and Reigns attacks Strowman
          8. Strowman wins via DQ
          9. Strowman beats up Reigns and Ambrose again
          10. 7 out of 10 for the match   

        SS recap of the match between John Cena and Seth Rollins with the interference of John Stewart.  This caused Rollins to win the U.S. Title to add to his Heavyweight Championship.

        RAW recap from earlier with Sting saying that Rollins is not half the man that HHH is. 

        Seth Rollins is interviewed and says that Sting is disrespecting the greats by taking his statue.  Says he will call out Sting later tonight.

        • Sasha Banks VS Paige - Beat the Clock Challenge #3
          1. "Lets go Sasha! Lets go Paige" chants
          2. Paige looked as though she may get the quick victory, but Naomi and Tamina pulls Sasha out of the ring
          3. Time expires for the clock challenge
          4. Charlotte will get the title shot versus Nikki Bella at NOC
          5. 7 out of 10 for the match
        Lana is shown an interview about what Summer Rae said happened between her and Dolph Ziggler.  Summer said that Ziggler tried to seduce her.  Lana just walks away.

        The New Day comes to the ring and tells the WWE Universe that tables has helped them their entire life.  They call the Dudley Boyz table poachers.  They took the last table from under the ring, wrapped in bubble wrap, and said they would protect the table from the Dudley Boyz. 

        • The Dudley Boyz VS Tag Team Champions The New Day
          1. "We want tables" chants 
          2. Back and forth action
          3. A 3D ends the match
          4. Dudley Boyz wins via pinfall
          5. "Tables" chants
          6. Big E was getting set up to go through the table, but Xavier Woods pulls him out the ring
          7. Huge boos from the crowd
          8. 7 out of 10 for the match

        • Seth Rollins comes to the ring
          1. Rollins says he wants Sting to take back the statement that HHH is better than him
          2. Says he wants him to give him back the statue
          3. Rollins dares Sting to come face to face to talk about the statue
          4. Stephanie McMahon comes down and says stop talking about her husband HHH
          5. Steph said that Sting is playing mind games with him
          6. Rollins agrees and calls out Sting
          7. John Cena music comes on
          8. "John Cena sucks" chants
          9. Cena calls Rollins and idiot for trusting The Authority
          10. "You sold out" chants
          11. Cena said The Authority said every belt was up for competition at NOC so he wanted to cash in his rematch clause at NOC.
          12. Steph said she will allow that to happen
          13. Cena goes to the top of the entrance ramp
          14. Sting comes out 
          15. Cena and Sting stares at Rollins


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