WRESTLING RECAP: Playtime Williams breaks down WWE Raw from 10/05/15

( - The Night of Champions (NOC) Pay Per View (PPV) was a 2 weeks ago, and there is still fallout from it. Yet, time for the new PPV, which happens to be Hell in A Cell (HIAC). This is after having a PPV shown exclusively on the WWE Network that was at Madison Square Garden (MSG) Saturday.  I was expecting an average show this time around but was surprised that this was a pretty decent showing.

Some things I still need to happen in the WWE Universe:

  1. Bring back the Cruiser Weight Division
  2. Make all the matches mean something to some sort of belt or rivalry.  
  3. Show more of the roster.  You guys recycle the same talent too much.
  4. You may wish to consider bringing the Diva's division full circle and have them with Tag Title belts, lightweight belts, etc. 
  5. The Tag Team Division is starting to look better than the singles division.  Get more people graduated from NXT and get that division showcased more. 

Here are the highlights of the show:

AirDate: Monday, October 05, 2015
Location: Boston, MA
Commentators:  JBL, Micheal Cole and Byron Saxton

RAW recap of Human Resource assessment manager assessment of Corporate Kane being positive, but having a surprise assessment of Seth Rollins, which was negative.  Those assessments caused Rollins to snap and attack Kane with a steel chair.  Corporate Kane is loaded in a ambulance, then Demon Kane comes out the ambulance and attacks Rollins.

Brock Lesnar and Paul Heyman comes to the ring
  1. Saturday Madison Square Garden (MSG) recap of Brock Lesnar vs Big Show with Lesnar winning
  2. "Suplex City" chants
  3. Heyman says Lesnar will beat The Undertaker at the Hell in A Cell (HIAC) Pay Per View (PPV) 
  4. Wrestlemania XXX recap of The Undertaker losing to Lesnar and ending "The Streak"
  5. Summer Slam recap of Taker cheating to beat Lesnar
  6. Heyman says HIAC will be the last time they will fight in their rivalry
  7. Big Show comes out
  8. "Please retire" chants
  9. Show comes to the ring to shake Lesnar's hand and Lesnar walks pass him
  10. Shows tell Lesnar that he hopes he loses to Taker again for his arrogance
  11. Lesnar comes to the ring and does a belly to belly suplex to Show, then an F5

Seth Rollins is trying to convince Stephanie McMahon to call off his tag match because Big Show is hurt.  Steph told Rollins that the match is happening, so figure out what to do.

  • Roman Reigns/Dean Ambrose/Randy Orton VS The Wyatt Family
    1. They all team up to try to hurt Braun Strowman
    2. Back and forth action when Strowman isn't in the ring
    3. The Wyatt Family punished their opponents most of the match
    4. All effort went to knocking Strowman out of the match
    5. Ambrose sacrifice himself to knock Strowman and himself over a barricade
    6. "This is awesome" chants
    7. After Bray Wyatt escapes out of the ring from an RKO, Luke Harper gets an RKO and a spear
    8. Pin victory for Reigns/Ambrose/Orton
    9. Reigns says he will end the rivalry with Bray at HIAC
    10. 8 out of 10 for the match

    • Neville VS Sheamus with King Barrett on commentary
      1. Sheamus said Boston should have used him as a real fighting Irishman
      2. Says Neville will always be a loser
      3. Neville attacks Sheamus before the match
      4. Match starts and Neville is stil being ultra aggressive
      5. Barrett said Neville is better than that and he will have a talk with him
      6. Barrett goes to the ring and distracts Neville which allows Sheamus to kick Neville in the face
      7. Sheamus with the pin victory in a short match
      8. 7 out of 10 for the match 

      Corporate Kane in the ring
      1. Kane says that Rollins needs a partner tonight
      2. Kane said he will be it despite his foot injury that was caused by Rollins
      3. Rollins comes out and say no deal
      4. Kane says Rollins needs to face his demons
      5. Rollins says he will face his demons right now and attack Kane
      6. Steph comes out and announces a match for HIAC  between Kane and Rollins
      7. Steph said that Kane can team with Rollins tonight for the match
      8. Steph added a stipulation for the HIAC match between Kane and Rollins which is if Kane loses, he has to step down as Director of Operations

      Rollins goes to HHH and tries to convince him Kane is a bad partner choice.  HHH tells Rollins to get Kane before Kane gets him.
        • Natalya VS Paige
          1. RAW recap of Charlotte accidentally getting knocked into Paige which causes Paige to leave the match.  Natalya comes out and tries to fill the void that Paige left for her team, but is attacked by Paige.  A distracted Charlotte is hit with a finishing move to lose the tag match.
          2. Natty aggressive early
          3. Back and forth action
          4. Many almost falls for both women
          5. Natty catches Paige in the middle of the ring with a submission hold
          6. Natty with a submission victory
          7. 7 out of 10 for the match


        SmackDown recap of match Ryback VS Kevin Owens whereas Owens intentionally got counted out to retain the Intercontinental (IC) Title.

        Ryback cuts a promo saying it's feeding time and he will get the IC title back.

        • IC Champion Kevin Owens VS Sin Cara
          1. Sin Cara with many high flying moves landing on Owens
          2. Owens catches Sin Cara with a pop up powerbomb
          3. Owens with a pin victory 
          4. Owens attacks Calisto when he checks on his tag team partner Sin Cara
          5. Ryback comes out and Owens leaves
          6. 7 out of 10 for the match
          The New Day tried to cheer up Steph and she lets them know they will face The Dudley Boyz at HIAC. 

          WWW promotes their breast cancer campaign #RiseAboveCancer

          MSG PPV recap of John Cena Vs Seth Rollins match where Demon Kane causing Cena to win.  The Demon Kane beating on Rollins.

          • Corporate Kane and World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins VS The Dudley Boyz
            1. Rollins forces Corporate Kane to stay on the ring apron
            2. Dudleys wore out Rollins until he is forced to tag in Kane
            3. Devon attacked the injured foot and leg of Kane and Rollins forced to tag right back in
            4. Rollins and Kane able to mount offense until Kane's leg buckles
            5. Ring side doctor said they had to bring Kane to the back but Rollins handcuffs Kane to the ropes
            6. Devon catapults Rollins into Kane and the handcuffs breaks
            7. Kane is helped to the back
            8. Dudleys beat on Rollins and decides to get the table, but Rollins kicks the table into the face of both Dudley Boyz
            9. Ref throws out the match
            10. Dudley Boyz win via DQ
            11. Demon Kane comes out and attacks Rollins
            12. Dudley Boyz put the 3D on Kane
            13. Rollins puts the table in the ring, but eventually Kane choke slams Rollins through that table
            14. 7 out of 10 for the match 

          • Team B.A.D. VS Team Bella
            1. Sasha Banks said it felt good to be back home in Boston
            2. BAD dominates early
            3. Alicia Fox saved Team Bella with a great showing
            4. Sasha Banks eventually gets tagged in and ends the match with a submission hold
            5. Team BAD with a submission victory
            6. 7 out of 10 for the match

          Charlotte asked if her focus will be split when defending the title against Nikki Bella because of Paige.  Charlotte said Paige issues are her own.  She will prove at HIAC that her championship win wasn't a fluke.

          Summer Rae in the ring
          1. Summer ask Rusev to come to the ring
          2. Rusev comes out
          3. Summer says Rusev has done more than any other superstar this year
          4. Summer shows a Rusev tribute
          5. Summer proposes to Rusev
          6. "No" chants
          7. Rusev says "Yes, but not yet."
          8. Rusev says they need to prove themselves to each other
          9. Rusev states that is he gets WWE gold around his waist, then Summer will get gold around her finger

          • John Cena U.S. Title Open Challenge
            1. Dolph Ziggler music hits
            2. The New Day comes out dragging an unconscious Ziggler 
            3. Big E takes the challenge
            4. "New Day sucks" chants
            5. "Lets go Cena! Cena sucks!" chants
            6. Big E dominates early
            7. Cena mounts some offense and New Day interferes
            8. Ref kicks out the other members of The New Day
            9. Big E watches his teammates leave and gets caught in an Attitude Adjustment
            10. Cena gets the pin victory
            11. The New Day jumps Cena
            12. Ziggler comes down and helps out but accidentally super kicks Cena
            13. Ziggler is jumped
            14. The Dudley Boyz comes out but eventually are overwhelmed 
            15. New Day leaves them all in the ring and celebrates on the entrance ramp
            16. 7 out of 10 for the match


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