Crazy Commercial - "Meet The Hoopers" from State Farm

Last updated:  December 25, 2015

Originally published:  December 25, 2015

I was not paying attention to the commercials while watching the Christmas NBA lineup.

Lo and Behold, what State Farm commercial bring good tithing and laughs but the "Meet The Hoopers" commercial.

The concept is novel, a family ensuring that they have proper coverage by an involved representative and neighbor, just in case life gets out of hand.

Nothing weird about that, we can agree on that wholeheartedly.

What separates this commercial from all the rest of the NBA commercials is strictly the cast.  More specifically, DeAndre Jordan playing a mother role.  Even more specifically, DeAndre Jordan playing a blonde...with a full black goatee!

Go ahead and insert your, does the carpet match the drapes joke here!

Enjoy my video tribute to this commercial below:


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