PRODUCT REVIEW: Bonus Time from my Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE Experience

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Toyota gave me a week to test drive the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE.  To say the least, it was quite the experience to have with a vehicle. I posted a week long, on going saga, documenting many aspects of the RAV4 from the average Joe experience.

Toyota was gracious enough to say "Thank You" to me in the form of inviting me to a Houston Rockets NBA game.  Houston has been on a hot streak, and has yet to lose in December. The Rockets looked to keep the streak going by toppling the Sacramento Kings.  Toyota did not just want me to experience the game, but wanted me to experience the game on another level.  I was given a parking pass and a ticket to the Toyota suite.

I was super excited about this opportunity, so I showed up early and got a look and feel of the Toyota Center.  I was shocked to see that a fan was out there waiting for them to open the doors in order for him to get his Rocket time in!  The door opening was several hours away, and he had been there, so you know that is true fandom.  He told me that this game was his birthday gift.

Soon after, hours passed and it was time to get in the suite.  This nicely laid out place in the Toyota Center was fully catered for meat eaters, plant eaters and the omnivorous around us.  They also had a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for us.  The seats used to watch the game were comfy recliners where you could watch a huge jumbo-tron to watch the game action, or just looked down at the floor action, or just alternate between both choices.

Several Toyota executives also made the journey to personally give kudos to myself and some others.  They were as professional as they were polite.  It truly was a pleasure to interact with them.  Some of the Houston Rockets cheerleaders even took pictures with us.

After plenty of foods and drinks, it was quite clear that we would leave on a high note because The Rockets made quick work of The Kings, Houston took their foot off the gas and still beat Sacramento by over 30 points!

Toyota did a phenomenal job ensuring that the reviewers of their vehicles had an unforgettable experience.  I thank Toyota for feeling I was worthy of such a journey.


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