Hot! Empire Recap "Die But Once, Who I Am"

( - I couldn't do a short recap once again!  This series definitely ended with a bang!

Lucious is playing the piano & his ALS is affecting his vision & coordination.  He flashes back in thought to when he was younger and getting stuck on a song, and how Cookie always bailed him out.  Lucious ask Becky to get in contact with Cookie, who is actually out of town with Malcolm.  Lucious is realizing his mortality and his tribute concert is looking like his last performance.  He truly needs Cookie to make a truly remember-able song. 

Cookie & Malcolm are in a snow covered cabin in the woods.  Cookie is working on the Lucious career concert and Malcolm ask her to take a break.  Cookie reveals to Malcolm that she has only been with Lucious.  Malcolm relaxed her mind with one statement "I'll take it as fast you want.  Because you are in charge."  Cookie milked Malcolm.

Jamal is getting mad love and support at his album signing from the gay community.

Malcolm reveals to Cookie that Hakeem's girlfriend didn't take the money as Lucious told everyone.  Cookie then wishes that Lucious would die so they could make more money off a memorial concert and finally be done with him!

Snoop explains that he joined Empire because of the profit sharing offered by Lucious.  Lucious then declares he will be a god after his new sound drops at his concert.  The feeling of immortality was dampened by getting served papers by Beretti claiming the original scores of several pieces of music, so it can't be performed at the concert legally.

Snoop performs and brings Hakeem to do a freestyle.  Hakkem lets Lucious know that he doesn't approve of him as a father, that he is leaving the company, and he is sleeping with Anika.  He then shoulder bumps Lucious as he leaves off the stage.  Lucious catches him backstage and punches Hakeem in the face.

Jamal lets Hakeem know to let go of the hate and think about Empire Records once their dad dies.  Hakeem wants out of Empire and is set on leaving.

Lucious finds out Cookie is somewhere that sparks concern in his psyche.

Andres finds Michelle, his therapist, in church and let her know that he is having trouble going back to work.  Michelle makes him start praying agian.

Cookie is showing her pal Carol around Empire Records & finds out that Lucious took away her access.  Cookie speaks death and loliness into the Luscious' life as she leaves.

Malcolm asked Cookie to come to Washington DC with him and he will support her with his new job.  She declines because she is not leaving the company she built.

Andre meets with Lucious to let him know to find a new CFO and that the void filled with darkness within is starting to get filled with God.  Lucious mocks his new found faith.

Lucious finds Jamal and tell him he believes that he can be the future of Empire.  Lucious also reveals to Jamal that he has writer's block.  Jamal brings Lucious back to his old home and tells him to get back to basics.  They trade insults but get a really nice song together.

Lucious lets Jamal know that he has to get the master copy of songs back from Beretti to showcase he is ready to be the head Lyon.  Jamal gets to Baretti's party, ask him to talk outside, and then threatens to throw him off the balcony if he doesn't sign over the master copies.  Jamal tells Lucious to go find Hakeem and finds Hakeem and Anika in lustful escapades.

Lucious finds out that he has NG and not ALS.  His condition is highly treatable.  A new life resurgance begins in Lucious.

Lucious goes to the church that Andre is at and ask him to ring the bell and the NY Stock Exchange when the company goes public.  Andre tells him a harsh "no" so Lucious signs Michelle to a contract to make Andre squirm.

Treatment of Lucious' new condition begins and comes with a sleep aid.  An unfortunate side affect is talking in your sleep.  Cookies in in the room to scold Lucious about converting Jamal to crazy, and Lucious reveals he is not dying and he killed Bucky.  Bucky is Cookie's cousin!!!

Jamal celebrates life by having sex on Lucious' desk; Hakeem is resting with Anika; Andre is disappointed that Michelle verbally committed to his father.  Cookie is contemplating killing Lucious with a pillow.

Lucious gathers all his sons at a table, after a good rest, and have gifts for everyone.  Lucious lets them all know he was misdiagnosed and not dying.  Hakeem gets a private jet to take him to all his shows.  Andre gets a foundation with an $100 million dollar fund to start.  Jamal gets the company.  Cookie shows up and she has a pillow in her box!

Lucious showing Jamal & Cookie bedroom survilence footage

Jamal is put through a minor leadership test by his brothers and passes.  Jamal finds Cookie and Lucious and reveal his plans, but Lucious let him know not to include Cookie in the plans because Cookie tried to kill him.  He reveals that he has cameras in every room and shows Jamal the footage.  Cookie is escorted out the building and then forced in a car by familiar faces to her.

Lucious gets Vernon Turner from rehab and ask him to keep an eye on Cookie.

Cookie was taken by special agents of the FBI.  The FBI revealed that had evidence from a snitch named Shine that implicated Lucious in the murder of Bucky.  They needed Cookie to corroborate the claims.  Cookie refuses.

Anika is talking to Hakeem about getting Andre to do a hostile company takeover with them.  At the Epic Empire press conference, Black Rambo, a rapper, said he wasn't rapping for a homosexual head.  He also stated that Jamal is disrespecting hip-hop by being gay.

Cookie lets Hakeem know they could start a new company, and Hakeem let Cookie know they have another way to get the company back.

Andre comes home to see his wife packing and leaving because of his lack of fight for the company.  Andre decided the takeover was worth it.

The takeover brought  Cookie, Andre, Hakeem and Anika in one room.  Words were exchanged between the ladies which prompted Cookie to throw alcohol in Anika's face and then smack it.
  A fight ensued and Cookie prison training kicked in and she was well into choking Anika before her sons pulled her off her.  They eventually agree to work together to smite Lucious.

Black Rambo is having a rap battle at a club and Andre challenges him to one.  Rambo make homosexual jokes towards and Jamal. Jamal countered with a song that his sin wasn't any worst than Rambo's sin and left the stage.

Tricky, the hostile takeover specialist, reveals it takes $500 million to take over the company, and that he would put up half if Empire record would drop an album for his rapping grandson, who is horrible!  They agreed and Tricky let them know that they just needed a scandal on the CEO and the takeover could commence.

Cookie asked Vernon if Lucious killed Buckey and Vernon confirmed the fatality and explained why it happened.

Vernon went to talk to Andre about supporting his father, but things got of hand because of some rough words. Vernon and Andre started fighting with Vernon eventually getting the best of Andre until his wife, Rhonda, comes in and hits Vernon in the back of the head with a candle holder.  Vernon dies and Andre is about to call the professionals, but Rhonda said it was too much stress to get questioned because she is pregnant.

All the sons are with Lucious when it is time to make the company public and Lucious is looking for Vernon.

The achievement concert for Lucious is commencing and going over well.  Jamal goes to find his father sitting down and staring in the mirror.  Lucious reveals to his son that his real name is "Dwight Walker" and that Cookie doesn't even know that.  He goes on to explain that he was orphaned at 9 years old and he made up the Lyon name to survive in the street.  He tells his son he loves him and always loved him. The FBI barges in and arrest Lucious for Bucky's murder.   Lucious believe Cookie told on him.  Lucious yells to Jamal to do their song for the concert.  FBI reveals that Vernon is their key witness in their trial against Lucious!  Rhonda unknowingly helped Lucious!

Show ended with Lucious claiming to be unstoppable and that he will be back soon.


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