Hot! Empire Recap "Sins of the Father

( - I didn't realize it, but I made a long recap!  I really was into this week's episode.  I still will not watch the previous episodes! I will give you a much shorter version to read!

You find Andre (Trai Byers) and his family is in his therapy session waiting for one seat to be filled...Lucious (Terrence Howard).  Lucious decided that he didn't want to see his son in a messed up condition, so he opted to not join the rest of his family while they try to heal Andre through positive comments and positive reinforcement.

Cookie (Taraji P. Henson) is having a hard time understanding how Michelle's (Jennifer Hudson) music therapy can help her son, and is also having a hard time believing that her son has bipolar disorder.  Cookie feels as though things of that nature, those type of weaknesses, afflicts only White people.  Once Cookie is informed that during her time in prison, Andre suffered an episode, it reduced Cookie to apologies of not being their to help her son.

Lucious reveals to his lawyer that he wants to marry Cookie again, and that he will take shares of the IPO from his sons and give it to Cookie so she would be more inclined to sign a prenuptial agreement.  He also let his lawyer know that they did not come up with the IPO, but only Lucious came up because he built up the company, which obviously shook his lawyer up.

Malcolm (Derek Luke) lets Cookie know that he can not be around her because he has fallen for Cookie.  Cookie decided to test that theory by allowing Malcolm to test some Cookie!

Jamal (Jussie Smollett), after recording a nice track, tells his lover that he wants to take care of his daughter, Lola, and his lover is not 100% sold on the idea.  Jamal said that he wants Lola to move in with him and be a father to Lola.

They flash to Olivia (Raven-Symone)trying to get on a bus, but a guy name Reggie grabs her and tell her its time to get Lola!  Reggie and Olivia ends up at a bar/club that Lucious lawyer is, with cocaine in hand, and let him know that they want Lola back.
Olivia calling Reggie a "Little Nasty" in her mind!

Lola is having trouble falling asleep in because she says that the "scary bird" will get her, but Jamal promises her that there are no monsters, scary birds or anything that he would not be able to protect her from.  He even pulls out the singing skills, and help from brother Hakeem, to help serenade Lola to sleep.

Rhonda (Kaitlin  Doubleday) is trying to convince her husband, Andre, to get up and to get ready to sign the IPO paperwork.  Andre is hurt that his dad did not come see him while he was in need, so he gave Rhonda power of attorney and sent her as a proxy to sign the paperwork.

Lucious tries to tell cookie that he wants to marry her, but is interrupted by Jamal letting him know he wants to raise his daughter and take him from Lucious' house.  Lucious is not a fan of his gay son exposing his granddaughter to that type of lifestyle.  Jamal reminded Lucious that his daughter may end up like him, or even like Andre, and asked if he could accept Lola in such a state.
Lucious comes up on Cookie to let her know about Jamal's request, and Cookie happened to be on the phone with Malcolm letting him know she wasn't wearing panties!  Cookie hangs up and let Lucious know to support his son's decision.  Lucious tries to propose to Cookie again but is interrupted by Hakeem and Camilla.  They want to show Lucious the photos of Hakeem from a photo shoot Camilla just did of him, plus introduce the new sound of Hakeem.  Hakeem belts out a track sounding like Drake and the style is well received. 

Lucious brings Camilla to his office, locks her in, call Malcolm to escort her off the property and gives her a check to leave his son alone.  Camilla rips up the check and wishes a hurtful death on Lucious and promises that she will be back to be with Hakeem.  She is escorted out quietly and seen crying in the limo with Malcolm.

Time to sign the IPO, but Rhonda sees that the shares weren't given as previously promised.  Cookie is irritated with the notion that Lucious would steal from his own sons, but is subdued when Lucious stated that he gave extra shares to her.  The lawyer burst into the room with Olivia and Reggie and things gets interesting.  Lucious ask for an explanation of bringing them into his home, but realizes his lawyer is high and sends him home so he can deal with the 2 new additions to his day personally. 

Reggie takes off his jacket and Cookie ask him about his tattoos.  Cookie figures out that one tattoo is a raven, which is a bird...which triggers thoughts of Lola saying that she was scared of the "scary bird" from Jamal.  Jamal then ask Olivia if Reggie has been hurting Lola, and Olivia just simply stated, "Help me."

Reggie impatiently asks for Lola and Jamal approaches his abruptly, which causes Reggie to pull out a gun.  Reggie explains that Jamal took his lady and impregnated her, and he wants to kill Jamal for doing so.  Jamal gets closer to the gun to call Reggie's bluff.  Lucious steps in and tell Reggie to shoot him because no one in the room would mind him getting shot and killed, for various ills he has done to the all. One more thing of why he should be shot, he was the one that impregnated Olivia, not Jamal!

Lola is Lucious' DAUGHTER, not GRANDDAUGHTER!!!

A confused Reggie grabs Cookie by the throat and threatens to shoot her, but is quickly shot in the forehead by a Malcolm.  Cookie tells Lucious that she wished that Reggie would have shot and killed him.

The next day Lucious reveals to Cookie that he wants to be a union once again with her.  Cookie declines and tell him that he only does not wish to be alone while he is dying.

Olivia reveals that Reggie threatened to kill Lola and herself, so that is the reason she went to Jamal.  She knew Lola would be safe with him.  Olivia never wanted to give up Lola, and now wants to be a great mother to her stress free and feeling safe to be with Lola.

Cookie ended the show by asking Malcolm to take her some place private with him...

Great episode!  I could not make this recap any shorter!

One question:  Is Olivia and Lucious certain that they created Lola?  That chocolate cutie from those two seems improbable!  Genetics are tricky though...


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