PRODUCT (FOOD) REVIEW: Sprite LeBron's Mix

It happened again!

Just walking inside my neighborhood Kroger grocery store, and came across a display.  What did I see but a cutout of a familiar NBA Superstar.  Why is he there?  Lo and behold, LeBron James (LBJ) has a limited edition mixture of the Sprite formula.

Will I be strong and walk pass this display...NOPE!  Grabbed a bottle without even looking at the price.  I love Coca-Cola products, and I love Sprite, so let's just hope that they did not put LBJ's sweat in the Sprite formula to give it a personal feel.

Just from a visual inspection you knew something was different about this particular Sprite because the label went away from the traditional blue, green and yellow label and design.  The LBJ mix is essentially majority red with white writing and gold highlights of some wording.  Besides the label change, the top is also red instead of the traditional green cap. 

Got this remixed variety home and let it sit overnight in the refrigerator to ensure I had peak drinking temperature to properly review this item.  Open opening the bottle, you still have that strong zest and wonderful carbonation sound that comes from a fresh and strong bottle of Sprite.  Something was different though...the smell was different.  The quite aromatic scent of something fruity and slightly flowery came to that one particular sense...that made another sense desire to be is time to taste it.

After tasting this drink, I had to really think about what I was drinking.  You have the familiar bark of Sprite, but someone tinkered with my Sprite.  The remix was a slight hint of seemingly that "rainbow tasting" product sprinkled into my Sprite and then finely blended.  I like that "rainbow tasting" product, so this drink is a hit for me.

Overall, I like what Sprite did with this one.  Make it a limited edition that way I will always want to buy it when I see it.  I love my Sprite, so the original formula will always be my first choice, but I would definitely buy this one again.

LBJ has join won another title...this time a taste championship.


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