Hot! Empire Recap "Unto the Breach"

( - I finally have decided to bend, not break, and watch "Empire" on the Fox Network. Being that I am Playtime, I am going to recap based off just seeing the most recent episode!  Crazy?  Possibly!  Yet, that is what Playtime is all about!

First off, I must admit, I can see why so many people watch this show.  From the intro alone, I see that I missed much action and drama with this show.  From the intro, I see that the main character, Lucious Lyon, who is the CEO of Empire Entertainment, has gotten back with his Ex-wife, Cookie Lyon, for a night of passionate and familiar play!  Only problem with that is Luscious is engaged to Annika!  She is seen going towards a mansion and pulling off her engagement ring and stating she is seeing someone named "Baretti."

I also see from the intro that Luscious has sons that are complicating his goal of turning over the company to one son.  One son, Jamal, is gay, and Lucious is not graciously handling that.  The other son, Andre, is battling severe mental illness, which is demonstrated in clips of him being forced to take medication and him playing Russian Roulette with himself!


I must admit, I am already intrigued by the show with just an awesome intro.  You find Luscious and Annika planning for their wedding with a wedding planner and Cookie, with a friend in tow, walks in and completely ruins that event.  Cookie lets Lucious know that Annika was going to scoop the company up from underneath him once he got married, a fact that Annika could not deny, and then starts to forcibly remove all of Annika's possessions from the home she was sharing with Luscious.  Cookie even had her friend take Annika's phone when she called for Baretti to come pick her up.

Lucious tried to sway Annika to stay...didn't work.
Lucious tried to sway Annika to stay because his sickness with ALS made him weak with his ex wife...didn't work.
Lucious tried to sway Annika to tell him what information that she leaked to the rival record company, Creedmoor Records and owner Baretti...didn't work.

Annika simply got into a limo with Baretti, which was followed by an intense stare down between Baretti and Lucious!

Now it is a mad dash to save Empire Entertainment.  Lucious & Cookie are assessing damage to the company with the help of his sons.  Introduce a third son, Hakeem, into the mix...and he seems mentally unstable as well.  He asked his dad if he wanted him to put C4 around the Creedmoor Records building...let that sink in for a moment...C4...why does he even have C4?  Lucious denies that request!

Creedmoor Records and Empire Entertainment must be the only 2 major record labels because ever artist is deciding where they will now go.  In an attempt to get the remaining, undecided artist, members of the Lyon's family go work on their ties and relationships with the free agents.  Even with good connections, Lucious and Jamal are still at odds because dad is not accepting of his son's lifestyle...but you see dad is starting to soften his stance a tad bit.  Dad is also noticing that Andre is starting to lose mental grips with reality.  Dad also has to deal with Hakeem feeling like he isn't getting enough attention and respect in the race to own the company!

The Lyon's family was able to get 3 major artist because one liked the voice and talent of Jamal, which Jamal reminds his dad that sexual orientation aside, he is talented.  Another signed because she dated Hakeem and the Lyon's family treated her well.  The other was signed because Cookie, who stated she did 17 years in the federal penitentiary, out drunk several men to win their respect.  As Cookie was leaving from her drinking exhibition, someone tried to purse snatch her, but her security team hopped out the car and beat the assailant up.  While trying to put the inebriated Cookie into the vehicle, she made very strong advances to one guard in particular who proclaimed his loyalty for Lucious.

The show ended very strongly with Lucious having security force Andre to stay inside of Empire Entertainment while everyone else did artist procurement.  When Lucious came back to the office, Andre was bugging out big time.  Andre exclaimed that he should be given the company because he knew Lucious was a murderer!  Where did that come from?  EMT workers came into the office and sedated and removed Andre before anything else could be said.

What did I truly miss with this show?  Andre told his dad he is a murderer...who did he kill...darn it, may have to watch all the other episodes!  Why are both record companies pulling guns on each other during the show?  What did both of the record executives do before they were into music?  Why is their only 2 major record labels?  Will a son eventually start a company and try to divide the empire?

All in all, this show has enough hooks and intrigue to have this on my DVR from this point forward.  I have missed many episodes, and now there are only 2 weeks left to view a really well written show.

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