MOVIE THOGHTS/PREVIEW: Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron - 5 reasons why I am "Too Excited"

( - Why am I so excited?  Why do I wake up every day and look to see if Marvel Avengers Age of Ultron is showing that day?  I know that the movie is not set to be released Friday, May 1, 2015, but that seems too far away!

I need someone from Marvel to come talk to me!  I need Stan Lee to give me a call and just give me a speech about patience and end it with "Excelsior!"  Most of all I need answers about this film.

Why am I so excited?  Ultron. Plain and simply put. I'm excited about Ultron.  Ultron was a creation of Ant-Man...and the Ant-Man movie does not come out until July 17, 2015!  Please insert your "Mind Blown" meme here! 

Please, Marvel Universe, give me answers!  Why must I wait these long days that has mysteriously began to take longer than 24 hours to complete before I can see Avengers: Ultron?!?  Do you not sense my urgency to be glued to a huge screen and soak in all the visual goodness that you are providing?  Do you know how many times I have watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy since August 2014? Let's just say it is a lot of times. Many, many times Marvel Universe!

Marvel, can you give me relief?  Just send me a new snippet or something yet to be seen!  Okay...I think I may have problems.  Is there a Marvel Junkie hotline to call?

And about Antman coming out after Avengers: Ultron, I'm curious to know how will Marvel's writers will explain this in the Avengers movie.  They may have to complete an entirely different story line to accomplish this!  Do you understand alternate universe movies scenarios that this can help set up?  Finally, the story line where Wolverine and Storm were dating instead of the storyline where Wolverine is love struck of Jean!  Yes, please show me what magical things you will do with this story line Marvel Studios!

Excelsior dear people...excelsior...!



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