MOVIE REVIEW: "Unfriended" makes you rethink whether you should care if you're unfriend

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My son knows that I will see ANY horror film that comes out.  Ever since "The Exorcist" was seen by me many moons ago, EVERY other horror film has failed to provide that shock I have from that film.  In my mind, demon possession is real, so seeing this tale of this young lady's battle with such got to the core of me.  Unfortunately, just like drugs, you really don't get that high back after the first hit.  I can watch any version of "The Exorcist" now and just laugh.  As a matter of fact, all horror films tend to make me laugh now trying to be scary.
"Unfriended" has a quite used concept, anniversary of someone's death, and put a modern day twist to it.  This show melds the anniversary of a youngster's death and modern day social media via computers.

Movie reviews worry me, because sometimes they can reveal too much information, and that is definitely not my intentions.

With that in mind, let me be brief:

  •  On the one year anniversary of a classmates suicide death, her female friend gets a strange Skype message while on Skype with her other friends.  They all see the Skype account that joined their group chat and think it is a computer glitch.  They soon come to realize that something supernatural is happening.

Let me be frank:

This movie is best left to be seen when it makes it to your dollar cinema, or Redbox.

No need to spend your hard earn money on this, when any traditionalist horror film watcher will be disappointed by the lack of horror.

There truly is not enough showcasing of the supernatural, and I found my son and I trying to figure out the methods used to unfriend the friends.

The best part of my AMC movie experience was the  pizza combo deal!   A personal pan pizza with a large drink or ICEE for $10 was definitely worth the grab.


Verdict: Catch this one for rent and save your money for something more pressing. 




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