HOT TV SHOWS: Bob's Burgers' "BM in the PM" song is an instant classic!

Bob's Burgers: "Eat, Spray, Linda"  Season 5, Episode 18

( - I like this show.  I am lying. I love this show is more appropriate.  The family dynamic of Bob's Burgers and the uncertainty of each character of the show as they go through life and the process of self discovery is amazing.

One thing that I like about this show is the music that they have on it quite often.  Always a funny song, and normally in multiple genres.  

The Sunday, May 3, 2015 airing of Season 4, Episode 18 show, "Eat, Spray, Linda" had an instant classic in it!
Not since Season 7, Episode 1 of "American Dad" have I felt this giddy about a song.  That particular episode, "Hot Water" had a great song entitled "Daddy's Gone" that had everyone singing it for the next few weeks! 

This song has that type of staying power as well!  This episode was about the Matriarch main character, Linda, coming to grips with the one day of the year that annoys her, her birthday!  A crazy tale ensues that makes her further lament in the day of her birth, to whereas her family has to go look for her.  While looking for her, the Patriarch main character, Bob, learns many new and interesting aspects about his wife!

One of those aspects was that she visited a upscale hotel, where she likes to take bowel movements in the afternoon or evening!  That quick little ditty was funny enough as is, but the song they used to close the episode was just purely brilliant.

Without further delay, look below for the craziness!


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