MOVIE PREVIEW: "Spy" should you requestion who is amongst you?

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Ever since Bridesmaids in 2011, anything with Melissa McCarthy in it makes me want to see the film.  From the many previews before the various movies I have seen this year, excitement built for me because this film has a lot of potential.  I envisioned something like The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad of the late 80s getting back in the movie genre.  I love that series, so I definitely was on board with this film and put it on my calendar to see.

Just from the previews, I gathered this much:

Someone that works for the CIA, as a desk clerk - actually the CIA's top analyst, wants to volunteer for a serious mission that would have global implications for disaster.

It looks like she needs to infiltrate a major arms dealer or something seriously bad would happen, and who is better than her because she is just a plain Jane looking person?!?

Actually, she is looking to help locate a nuclear weapon due to a mishap with one of the "real" agents.  She is actually getting "assisted" by an agent that is a familiar face, Jason Statham from some serious action films like The Transporter.

Just from the clips in the preview you see a lot of mishaps and slapstick comedy, so I am definitely on board.

Let me be frank on whether to spend your money to see this in theater -

This movie is worth your money if you want to see this particular type of comedy.  There are plenty of laughs, and the action is engaging to bring balance to a great film with very memorable characters.   

DO NOT BRING YOUR CHILDREN TO THIS FILM!!!  This is adult comedy!  There may be scenes that may shock anyone that is not already exposed to adult scenarios!

Don't believe me!  Listen to what other viewers of this film had to say about "Spy" - 

Spy has enough visual eye candy and comedic gems to warrant seeing this film outside of matinee time. 


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