FOOD REVIEW: Why you should strive to be Elite in Yelp - LongHorn Steakhouse

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They did a "Steak Education Quiz!"  Eating and learning…no one would be against education if they had an almost Pavlov type reward system of that nature!

How does the Yelp Houston community manager, Farrah, do such wonderful events every time?  Definitely another score for her.  This event is a pure example why everyone should strive to become Yelp Elite.

There were so many options to choose from. The Wild West Shrimp were awesome.  Who would have thought to fry shrimp them serve them with banana peppers?  I would not want you to think this was just a simple meal given to us to give feedback on.  There were 4 appetizers to try:
1.       Fried Green Tomatoes
2.       Sweet Corn Fritters
3.       Brew Pub Pretzel Sticks
4.       Wild West shrimp

Sweet Corn Fritters

The fried green tomatoes were part of a LongHorn Steakhouse’s Summer Peak Season and Grilled Taste of Summer Chef’s Showcase menus – we will call it “Sum Menu” for short! The tomatoes were a good appetizer, but is what you would expect from that fried item.  The fritters were a welcomed treat with the fried and slightly sweet taste.  The pretzel sticks had really good texture, soft inside and a very balanced use of salt.  The dipping sauces could have been a lot stronger and bolder in taste, but overall a good compliment.  By far, the best appetizer was the Wild West Shrimp dish.  Simplicity at its best, but proving that sometimes less is more.  Simply put, you have friend shrimp intermingled with banana peppers.  Great balance and great taste.

From the many appetizers, you were asked to choose one item from the following options:
1.       Beefsteak Tomato & Bacon Salad
2.       Mixed Green Salad
3.       Grilled Chicken Tortilla Soup
The beefsteak salad and soup are part of the Sum Menu.  As tempting as the sound of beef and bacon was, I wanted to try the soup.  The soup had great color, flavor and spice.  If you don’t like spice, then you may wish to get the salads.  The tortilla strips added a nice crunch before the broth took them over and made them limped noodle clones.  My only suggestion would be for them to add more shredded chicken in the soup, especially since you are a meat house.
Beefsteak Tomato & Bacon Salad

You were then asked to pick one entrée from the following options:
1.       Smoky Garlic Outlaw Ribeye (18 oz.)
2.       Hickory Salt Crusted NY Strip
3.       Grilled Citrus Salmon
4.       Outlaw Ribeye (18 oz.)
5.       Renegade Sirloin (8 oz.)
6.       Parmesan Crusted Chicken (Lighter or Full Portion)
And pick one side from the following options:
1.       Fire-Grilled Corn on the Cob
2.       Loaded Idaho Baked Potato
3.       Fresh Steamed Asparagus
4.       Steakhouse Mac & Cheese
5.       Fresh Steamed Broccoli
6.       Seasoned Rice Pilaf
7.       Mashed Potatoes
The garlic ribeye, salmon and corn on the cob are part of the Sum Menu.  I opted to try the Smoky Garlic Outlaw Ribeye with the Steakhouse Mac & Cheese.  I was pleasantly surprised that the mac and cheese was extra creamy without sacrificing the texture of the noodles.  The bread crumbs gave this dish an extra push of awesomeness.  I must admit one thing about my steak…it was probably one of the best seasoned steaks I have ever eaten.  Every bite was moist and juicy with a collection of flavor, with no mouth heat!  This is how meat should be prepared!  The steak was topped by cherry tomatoes that had the smoky garlic flavor completely throughout them and gave a wonderful flavor complement to the meat.  I don’t know who paired these two together, but they should be nominated for a Noble Peace prize.  No anger can be had with such deliciousness in front of you. 
Outlaw Ribeye with loaded baked potato

You had a variety of drinks to wash down these meals, but I opted for a delicious strawberry lemonade that went perfect with everything.  You had an option to get alcoholic beverages, but I don’t drink, because I truly wish to taste my food, and alcohol can help a cook that isn’t that good get away with subpar to par food!

Finally, you had to eat 2 desserts:
1.       Chocolate Stampede
2.       Blueberry Lemon Butter Cake
The butter cake is part of the Sum Menu.  Both of these desserts were great in taste and texture.  Yet, if I had to only pick one, I would get stampeded over and over again.  How do you say no against a dessert that has multiple forms of chocolate on cake…chocolate drizzles partner…chocolate drizzles…PLUS ice cream.  This is why fat people are always jolly…this is how we know love is a real thing! 
Blueberry Lemon Butter Cake

You really can’t go wrong with any of the options that were provided.  If you can’t see from just the delicious choices that were presented to me, everyone should strive to be Yelp Elite.  There are always great outings of this nature in every major city!  It truly is neat to be Elite.  Places like LongHorn Steakhouse definitely makes this an evident truth.


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