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Updated: 08/09/15

My 80s are getting all messed up!  As you can tell by my website, I am a wrestling fan, and I was just like every other male youth of the 80s completely smitten with the WWF and Hulk Hogan.

Well, yesterday, Hulkamania and the WWE parted ways because the Hall of Famer said some rather nasty and racist things.

I know that is nothing to play around with, but you can find humor in ANYTHING!

With that stated, here are some of the funnier things that came up.  If you know who put it on the web, please let me know so I can tag them in the post.  If you have any to add, please add them on!


Martha Stewart and Hulk Hogan fused!

This is suppose to represent all the Black Hulkamaniacs


Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction!  This company fired him!

Just FYI, the owner of this company actually used the same language LIVE ON AIR as part of a skit!

This jewel provided by the very funny  

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