Trending Now: Guess who is running for President in 2016? Deez Nuts!

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Often times you will hear the expression that truth is stranger than fiction.  This definitely hammers home the point on the expression.

We, as Americans, are embarking on a new President in the next year, 2016, and many people and personalities are campaigning for their chance to be in the oval office.  Some candidates are polarizing, some candidates are a rehashing of days of yore.  This candidate, Deez Nuts, is a combination of both.

Deez Nuts has been back on the scene because of one particular guy, and you can find what brought back this classic below:

Who would have thought that such a crude phone prank would actually spawn a candidate for the 2016 United States Presidential Election?  Who allowed such a form to even make it to an official place, let along a ballet? Why is he even almost in double digits in the poll?

Spoiler Alert: Deez Nuts is a minor and can't truly run for Presidency.

Find some memes and a few videos below:


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