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What am I reading?  Jared Fogle, why would you give away a blossoming career and world wide recognition for something as vile as child pornography and child molestation/statutory rape?  You losing your wife is just the beginning of your problems.

Did you eat bad guacamole on one of your weight lose sandwiches?  Older people always told me that birds of a feather flock together, but I truly hoped that was not the case here.  When your
friend over your foundation was caught with child pornography, and also producing child pornography, I truly hoped that you did not know.  How sad am I to know you not only knew, but also shared the taste for youngsters...

Updated 08/21/15

Well, taking away a child's innocence and childhood is not funny on any factor.  Taking away the innocence of 14 kids, so you are admitting, makes me want harsh punishment of swift means to you.

People did make plenty of memes for the occasion, and here they are:


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