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Last updated: October 31, 2015

Originally published: October 22, 2015

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Drake is an ultra talented guy.

I have to start off by saying that.

He is an accomplished actor and rapper.

This post is not about that!

This post is about his newest video Hotline Bling.  View the music video below.

While this video does have a catchy beat and hook, Drake took the internet by storm because of his dancing.  Let's just say that a dancing and video icon such as Micheal Jackson does not have anything to worry about from Drake about being dethroned. Now if the King of Pop wanted to get on wax and throw some bars his way, Drake has proven that he can handle himself in that arena...just ask Meek Mill and he and his entourage will concur.

Back to why he is eating up the internet right now...that dancing!  Many have likened it to the infamous dance scene from the film Napoleon Dynamite in its quirky and jerky movements.  If you have no idea what that means, then take a look below:

The erratic pulsing found by Mr. Dynamite is surely a fizzle on the dance floor, but an atomic bomb level explosion in regards of memorability.  Drake has channeled his inner Dynamite and put together a roast worthy performance to say the least.

Here is a listing of videos people used to commemorate the dance movements of Drake.

Compilation - 



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