MOVIE PREVIEW: "Jem and the Holograms" - Is this movie truly outrageous?

Last updated: November 10, 2015

Originally published: October 22, 2015

( - I received an invite to see a film called "Jem and the Holograms," and once again, I immediately thought about another part of my childhood being remade.  Once again, the thoughts of them tinkering with my childhood made me happy and kind of queasy at the same time!  As aforementioned in other reviews, I am not a person that has a problem with change, but I have seen so many remakes of things from my past that did not justice to my memories.  Those unnecessary touchings of my past always make me weary when they remake anything for this generation to enjoy outside of bringing back the original entities. 

I was given the following synopsis of the movie:

As a small-town girl catapults from underground video sensation to global superstar, she and her three sisters begin on a one-in-a-million journey of discovering that some talents are too special to keep hidden.  In Universal Picture's Jem and the Holograms, four aspiring musicians will take the world by storm when they see the key to creating your own destiny lies in finding your own voice.

They synopsis is not sparking memories of yore!  Time to look up the trailer and see what type of film I was getting myself into:

Let me tell you what I remember about Jem and the Holograms.  I remember that it came on while I was watching my G.I. Joe, Transformers and He-Man line up after school many, many moons ago.  I remember that the theme song was very catchy, and I actually still hum it from time to time to this day.  I remember that Jem had a computer that projected realistic holograms for her via some earrings.  She was able to get her Sasha Fierce on via those earrings and her computer, and be a confident rock star.  I remember that she had an episode dealing with drug use that was really in your face, and I liked that episode a lot. 

Those are memories, but you can read up on what the show was really about on the internet at any time.  The trailer made me click it off, because of modern sensation?  Is she trying to have the best of both worlds?  Is Jem just in a common cry for discovery that so many people online do?  I did at least see the computer, Synergy, being made by her dad at the beginning, so that is a good sign that they may be true to the cause!

Well, how did this movie hold up?  Let me be honest and frank about this:

If you are coming to see this film because you want to relive your childhood memories, then you will be mad with this film.  They robbed another classic of my youth.  I will not elaborate on the plot or anything.


If you have no expectations for this film based on the cartoon, then you will probably enjoy this film.  The plot and execution of the film is pretty decent overall.

There is good music in this film and actually have a decent story line.  If they would have actually named this movie something else, I think I could have enjoyed this film even more.

Warning: For those looking for nostalgia, that happens to like the cast members to resemble the skin tones of the cartoons, they missed the mark with Shana.  Once again, this will only matter if you are a cartoon purist!  LOL  But I do see that particular casting decision did rub a few people the wrong way

For me, if you are looking for nostalgic value, this is a Redbox rental.

If you are looking for a decent film to take children, then this film ranges from a Matinee showing to Redbox rental for me.

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Update for the film itself: 

The movie did horribly and is getting pulled from the theaters after only 2 weeks!


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