Trending Now: National No Bra Day - Are you seeing the full picture?

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October 13th.

Not a day that really sits in the mind of many for any special significance.  However, if you look around the internet, you will find various reminders that October 13th is National No Bra Day.

This is done to raise awareness on a various serious issue of breast cancer.  Cancer, is various forms, have touched many people around the world, and you would be hard pressed to find someone that does not directly know at least 1 person that has experienced it in one form or may be reading this as a survivor.

These people are real inspirations.  October 13th, National No Bra Day, should not be a fun, flirty, provocative, eye winking way to sexualize and put a a sexy spin on a serious and often times fatal disease.

What do I mean?

People hear and read "No Bra Day" and they think:

 They think they will see this

They think people are suppose to be outside like this

They expect to see photos like this floating around the internet



That is not what this day is about.

This day is not about sexualizing a woman's's simply about spreading awareness of breast cancer.

These ladies are courageous people.  Have you seen photos of ladies going through chemo therapy and still trying to breastfeed.  They are literally losing life, but still trying to ensure life of another.  That is a hero.

You want bold?  You want brave?  You can find plenty of ladies that fit that bill that should be thought of for No Bra Day.

If you don't see the true beauty in this day, then you need to reevaluate yourself.  If you are only thinking about breast, then you do not see the big picture.  If you truly need to see swimsuit models on this day, then here you go.

No one is above cancer.  No person is above breast cancer.  Learn what this day is truly about, and use the other 364 days to make women sexual if you truly need that in your life.

I am still about laughter and the power of laughter to heal.  With that said, here you go:


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