WRESTLING RECAP: Playtime Williams breaks down WWE Raw from 10/12/15

( - The Hell in A Cell (HIAC) Pay Per View (PPV) is in full throttle now. After a decent showing last week, I just knew this week's show would be a let down.  Overall, there were some good matches to view.  I still am not sold on all of the matches at HIAC, truly ANY OF THE MATCHES, but I pray that they give a solid showing.  If this episode of RAW was any indication of the upcoming PPV, then it should be definitely worth watching.

Some things I still need to happen in the WWE Universe:

  1. Bring back the Cruiser Weight Division
  2. Make all the matches mean something to some sort of belt or rivalry.  
  3. Show more of the roster.  You guys recycle the same talent too much.
  4. You may wish to consider bringing the Diva's division full circle and have them with Tag Title belts, lightweight belts, etc. 
  5. The Tag Team Division is starting to look better than the singles division.  Get more people graduated from NXT and get that division showcased more. 

Here are the highlights of the show:

AirDate: Monday, October 12, 2015
Location: Chicago, IL
Commentators:  JBL, Micheal Cole and Byron Saxton

Corporate Kane is on a conference call with HHH and Stephanie McMahon.  They let Kane know that they will be really late and to be professional when running operations tonight.  Kane calls a stage hand to inform World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins that he has a lumberjack match tonight, and the opponent will be Kane.

Dean Ambrose comes to the ring
  1. Amborse says he is looking for a fight
  2. Randy Orton music hits and he comes to the ring
  3. "Randy" chants
  4. Orton tells Ambrose that they will team up for a match against Luke Harper and Braun Strowman at the Hell in A Cell (HIAC) Pay Per View (PPV).
  5. They both argue about who should lead at HIAC
  6. The New Day comes out and says everyone should be talking about them taking out 4 superstars last week
  7. Kane comes on Jumbotron and makes a match between the 5 men

  • Kofi Kingston/Big E with Xavier Woods ringside VS Randy Orton/Dean Ambrose
    1. The New Day got dominated early
    2. "New Day sucks" chants
    3. New Day mounted decent offense until Dean Ambrose got tagged in and got the crowd hyped
    4. Orton gets tagged back in and the crowd goes really crazy
    5. Orton sets Kofi up for the RKO while Ambrose ensures Big E can't interfere
    6. Kofi pushes Orton into Ambrose, knocking Ambrose out of the ring, and gets a roll up pin on Orton
    7. Pin victory for The New Day
    8. 8 out of 10 for the match

Recap of the fued between Brock Lesnar and The Undertaker

    • Nikkie Bella with Team Bella VS Naomi with Team BAD
      1. Recap of Ironwoman match between Sasha Banks and Bailey at NXT Takeover: Respect
      2. "We want Sasha" chants often during the match
      3. Naomi looks good early
      4. Nikki did many pop and grinding moves during the match while Naomi was may more athletic and entertaining during the match
      5. Brie Bella grabs a mic, gets on the announcer's table, and chants "We want Sasha"
      6. Sasha grabs Brie off the table, and a distracted Naomi is taken out
      7. Nikki with the pin victory
      8. 7 out of 10 for the match 

        • John Cena's US Open Challenge: Dolph Ziggler accepts
          1. Heavy boos when Cena hits the stage
          2. Dolph Ziggler music hits 
          3. "Lets go Cena! Cena sucks!" chants
          4. Someone in the crowd proposed during the match and she said yes.  Crowd goes into "Yes" chants.
          5. "She said yes" chants
          6. Back and forth action
          7. Crowd heavily behind Ziggler
          8. Ziggler landed many high risk moves and finishing moves on Cena, but Cena kicks out on 2 every time
          9. Cena lands 1 finishing move, Attitude Adjustment, and match over
          10. Cena with a pin victory
          11. 8 out of 10 for the match 
        She said "yes"


        HHH checks on the RAW showing and Kane lets him know everything is good

        • The Dudley Boyz VS The Ascension 
          1. Ascension with the early advantage
          2. Devon fights back and tags in Bubba
          3. A 3D ends a quick match
          4. The Dudley Boyz with a pin victory 
          5. 7 out of 10 for the match
          • Neville/Cesaro VS King Barrett/Sheamus
            1. "Cesaro" chants
            2. Great team moves from Neville and Cesaro
            3. Cesaro VS Sheamus entertained
            4. King Barrett delivered a bull hammer elbow to Neville while the refs back was turned
            5. Barrett/Sheamus with a pin victory
            6. 7 out of 10 for the match 

          Braun Strowman montage is shown

          Roman Reigns comes to the ring 
          1. Explains why him and Bray Wyatt are in a feud and gives a history of how the family feud grew
          2. "Boring" chants
          3. Says he will stop Bray at HIAC
          4. Wyatt Family comes out
          5. Bray says a massacres is waiting for him at HIAC

          • Braun Strowman VS Roman Reigns
            1. Dominance by Braun
            2. Reigns tries to mount offense by is overpowered each time
            3. Reigns is knocked outside the ring and Braun punishes him there too
            4. Reigns sneaks in a Superman punch and knocks Strowman over the announcer's table
            5. Reigns gets back inside the ring and the ref says "ten" as he is in there
            6. Reigns wins via count out  
            7. Reigns escapes to the back before the Wyatt family jumps him
            8. 7 out of 10 for the match

          Kane lets HHH and Stephanie know that he will be facing Rollins in the main event tonight, but the reception was too bad for them to hear him say as such.

          RAW recap of Summer Rae proposing to Rusev, but Rusev giving her a conditional yes if he wins a title.

          • Ryback VS Rusev with Summer Rae
            1. Power match
            2. Ryback dominates
            3. Ryback wins an uneventful match
            4. Summer Rae grabs a mic and shows Rusev that she knows he is engaged to Lana via a story leaked by TMZ
            5. Summer slaps Rusev and goes to the back
            6. 7 out of 10 for the match

          • IC Champion Kevin Owens VS Kalisto with Sin Cara
            1. RAW recap of Owens beating Sin Cara and then attacking Kalisto until Ryback intervened 
            2. Kalisto with many high flying moves landing on Owens
            3. Owens counters every high risk move
            4. Owens eventually catches Kalisto in the middle of a high flying move and power bombs him
            5. Owens with a pin victory 
            6. 7 out of 10 for the match

          • Charlotte/Beck Lynch with Natalya VS Alicia Fox/Brie Bella with Nikki Bella - Paige on commentary
            1. Brie dominates early
            2. Team Bella keeps interfering in the match, so Natty goes to confront them
            3. Paige attacks Natty
            4. Charlotte gets caught with a missile dropkick while distracted with the attack on Natty
            5. Team Bella with the pin victory
            6. 7 out of 10 for the match

          HHH and Stephanie asks Corporate Kane who Seth Rollins will face tonight and Kane lets them know he will face Kane.  They both tell Kane that move is not professional and he is not allowed to face Rollins.

          Seth Rollins is talking in the back to the Big Show about Show having his back.  Show leaves laughing.  Kane lets Rollins know that HHH and Stephanie said he couldn't face him, so he will find Rollins a suitable replacement.

          • Lumberjack match: World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins VS ?
            1. Rollins comes to the ring and wait to see who he will face
            2. Fire explodes, and he knows it is Demon Kane
            3. Kane dominates
            4. Rollins tries to run through the crowd, but is caught by the Lumberjacks and put back in the ring
            5. Demon Kane is sent into the lumberjacks, but they just back off of him
            6. Demon Kane attacks The New Day and The Ascension
            7. Demon Kane attacks The Big Show and gets a KO punch from him
            8. The Big Show walks out the lumberjack match
            9. Rollins mounts a lot of offense on a woozy Kane but Kane kicks out on 2 each time
            10. New Day pulls Kane out of the ring and attacks him
            11. The Ascension joins the attack
            12. All the lumberjacks join in the attack and start fighting outside and inside the ring
            13. Kane eventually gets his hands back on Rollins and delivers a tombstone piledriver to him
            14. Kane gets a pin victory
            15. 7 out of 10 for the match


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