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Last updated: November 11, 2015

Originally published: November 11, 2015

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Veterans Day.

Do you know the history behind it?  There is a reason why it is celebrated November 11th each year.

This post is to simply say thanks to all the men and women that sacrificed self so everyone else could live life with the freedoms they currently possess.  I would also like to thank all of the military spouses that sacrifice the sanity and security that many couples have just expecting their spouses to come home each night...IF EVER!

I have many people in my family that has served, but I want to especially thank my Uncle Floyd Williams for his service, because he allowed for my family name to be current in this dog fight!

Floyd Williams

Your stance on war is irrelevant on this day because despite personal philosophy, these people put their lives on the line in order for you to openly express your viewpoints in America.

One thing that I can not impress upon you enough - Do not wait until Veterans or Memorial Day to honor veterans.  This applies to past or present veterans.  Show our future veterans how the brave men and women that willingly sacrifice their lives for our freedoms should be treated.  Visit a VA hospital...donate to their causes...because truthfully, for the majority of the year, our military is sadly overlooked. 

With that stated, today, many businesses are honoring Veterans with freebies, discounts and more.  I will not rehash the list here, but will provide a comprehensive listing that I found.

Nationwide freebies, discounts and more click here


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Here is some military humor:


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