WRESTLING RECAP: Playtime Williams breaks down WWE Raw from 11/09/15

Last updated: November 10, 2015

Originally published: November 10, 2015

( - The Hell in A Cell (HIAC) Pay Per View (PPV) is a thing of the past, and now time to move on to the Survivor Series (SS) PPV that takes place in 2 weeks.  This particular episode of RAW was kind of an average showing at the beginning, but started to pick up steam towards the end of the show.  With the injury to Seth Rollins, the World Heavyweight tittle is vacated, and not the WWE writers have to find ways to make the SS PPV exciting without their biggest draw.  This episode did tease towards some potential SS PPV matchups.

Some things I still need to happen in the WWE Universe:

  1. Bring back the Cruiser Weight Division
  2. Make all the matches mean something to some sort of belt or rivalry.  
  3. Show more of the roster.  You guys recycle the same talent too much.
  4. You may wish to consider bringing the Diva's division full circle and have them with Tag Title belts, lightweight belts, etc. 
  5. The Tag Team Division is starting to look better than the singles division.  Get more people graduated from NXT and get that division showcased more. 

Here are the highlights of the show:

AirDate: Monday, November 9, 2015
Location: Manchester, UK
Commentators:  JBL, Micheal Cole and Byron Saxton

New rating scale:  1- Forgettable match; 2 - Normal/average; 3 - Good match; 4- Potential classic

HHH comes to the ring
  1. Breaking news that World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has injured himself and will be gone 6 to 9 months.
  2. Seth has to vacate the title.
  3. "HHH" chants
  4. HHH said Seth Rollins was a great champion
  5. "Thank you Rollins" chants
  6. HHH calls Roman Reigns down to the ring
  7. HHH told Rollins that it would be unfair for the #1 contender for the title to have to go the bottom of the pack in the Survivor Series(SS) Pay Per View (PPV) tournament for the World Heavyweight Championship
  8. HHH says Reigns has all the qualities to be a champion except the willingness to do anything to have the belt
  9. HHH tells Roman that he can join The Authority to truly be the man
  10. "No" chants from the crowd
  11. Reigns says he has never taken a handout and he will not tonight
  12. HHH says Reigns is in the back of the championship line and he has a match next

  • Big Show VS Roman Reigns - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1st Round 
    1. Show dominates early
    2. Reigns tries to fight back but Show counters every move
    3. Show choke slams Reigns and almost wins
    4. Show goes for the knockout punch but Reigns gives him a Superman punch and then a spear
    5. Reigns gets a pin victory
    6. Match Rating (MR): 2
Survivor Series 1990 PPV - The Undertaker initial appearance is shown. Bad Blood 1997 PPV - Kane initial appearance is shown.

  • Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens VS Titus O'Neal - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1st Round 
    1. Kevin Owens says that the WWE Universe need new people to cheer for instead of the recycling of the same garbage that the WWE normally does
    2. Owens starts off really strong
    3. Titus gives creative offense
    4.  The crowed is barking loudly to get Titus going, but he is caught in a pop up powerbomb
    5. Kevin Owens with the pin victory
    6. MR: 2

Paige interviewed about facing Becky Lynch tonight.  Paige said Becky is not an issue and can not wait to face Baby Flair (Charlotte) for the Divas Championship at SS.

WrestleMania 13 1997 PPV - Undertaker VS Psycho Sid is shown.  Money in the Bank 2010 PPV - Kane shown cashing in his Money in the Bank contract minutes after winning it to face and beat Rey Mysterio.

  • Becky Lynch VS Paige
    1. RAW recap from 2 weeks ago where Paige attacks Charlotte and Becky Lynch after losing a match 
    2. RAW recap from last week where Paige pins Becky Lynch to win the #1 contenders slot for the Divas Championship at SS PPV
    3. Becky starts off on fire
    4. Back and forth action
    5. Paige tries to do a roll up pin on Becky and hold her tights, but Becky reverses the roll up and holds Paige's tights 
    6. Becky Lynch with a pin victory
    7. Paige attacks Becky after the match until Charlotte comes out to save her
    8. MR: 2

  • The Miz VS Dolph Ziggler - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1st Round 
    1. Back and forth action
    2. Bad knee of Ziggler starts to become a factor 
    3. Miz gets a figure 4 on Ziggler, but Ziggler gets out
    4. Ziggler lands a super kick flush on the chin of Miz
    5. Dolph Ziggler gets the pin victory
    6. MR: 2


SS PPV 2005 - Taker comes after Randy Orton. Night of Champions PPV 2012 - Kane and Daniel Bryan wins the tag team championships.

Hell in a Cell recap of Alberto Del Rio returning to the WWE and winning the U.S. Championship over John Cena.

U.S. Champion Alberto Del Rio and Zeb Colter comes out and says Del Rio will win the tournament and Heavyweight Championship.  Zeb also states that MexAmerica will not give the U.K. the leadership that they so desperately needs.

  • Natalya VS Naomi with Team BAD
    1. "We want Sasha" chants
    2. Numbers game against Natty right away
    3. Naomi essentially dominates the match at the beggining
    4. Back and forth action
    5. Natty gets a roll up pin victory
    6. Sasha attacks Natty after the match and then the rest of Team BAD joins in
    7. MR: 2

Summer Slam PPV 2008 - Undertaker VS Edge. RAW 2005 when Kane attacks Edge and Lita at their wedding and ends up Tombstone pile driving a priest.

  • Sheamus with King Barrett VS Cesaro - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1st Round 
    1. Barrett taunts soccer star Wayne Rooney
    2. Back and forth action 
    3. Crowd chants all match
    4. Power moves all match
    5. Barrett and Sheamus taunts Rooney during the match
    6. Rooney slaps Barrett and distracts Sheamus
    7. Cesaro takes advantage of a distracted Sheamus with a roll up pin
    8. Ceasro with a pin victory
    9. MR: 3 

  •  Dean Ambrose VS Tyler Breeze with Summer Rae - WWE World Heavyweight Championship Tournament 1st Round 
    1. Breeze is interviewed and says that the WWE needs gorgeous champions
    2. Back and forth action
    3. Many near falls for both men
    4. Ambrose sneaks in a small package roll up pin
    5. Ambrose with the pin victory
    6. MR: 2
WrestleMania 28 PPV - Taker VS HHH. Royal Rumble PPV 2001 - Kane eliminating many superstars on his way to winning the match.

  • The New Day Vs Neville and The Usos
    1. The New Day dedicates the match to Seth Rollins
    2. Back and forth action
    3. Lots of high flying action lead the crowd to gleeful cussing in excited unison
    4. Big E interferes and pushes Neville off the top rope and Xavier Woods pins him with his feet anchored on the rope
    5. The New Day gets a pin victory
    6. MR: 3 

HIAC PPV 2015 - Wyatt Family attacking and kidnapping Taker.  RAW the next day, Wyatt Family doing the same to Kane.

Bray Wyatt comes to the ring to give an eulogy for Kane and The Undertaker
  1. RAW recap of Bray stating that he now controls the elements that Kane and Taker used to control
  2. Crowd sings "He got the whole world in his hands"
  3. Bray said to bow your heads for two great legends
  4. Bray said that the apocalypse is here
  5. Jumbotron shows Kane and Taker beating up people throughout the years
  6. Lightning hits the ring and Bray jumps
  7. Fire comes from the ring post and the upper part of the entrance ramp
  8. Bray Wyatt is visibly shook and shocked
  9. Lets go low and The Undertaker's music hits and fog fills the place
  10. Kane and Taker comes out and goes to the ring
  11. Lights goes off and when they come back on, The Wyatt Family is surround the ring
  12. "This is awesome" chants
  13. The Brothers of Destruction beats up everyone
  14. Double choke slam to Bray puts a stamp of destruction on the night
  15. Kane and Taker leaves in unison


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