Product Review: New Dove Men + Care Dry Spray - Beast or Bust?

Last updated: May 4, 2016

Originally published: May 4, 2016

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I received this white box in the mail and noticed that it had a deodorant sticker from CVS Pharmacy on the front of it.  First thoughts...does my body odor offends to the point to whereas I was sent a free sample?  Finds out, I was wanted to try out this product, free, for testing and impression...and why not?!?  Nothing wrong with trying a new scent to see if the smell good is true to title.

Well, let's bust this puppy open and see what we have...and I see a cool can that is labeled as a "Dry Spray."  First thoughts...I am a bar guy...I like a nice, stick with a dial on the bottom that goes on invisible.  Despite my preferences, I ventured into this endeavor with an open mind.

First impression of the can, it looks an oversized round of ammunition!  Looking over the can, this thing is suppose to last for 48 hours of protection.  I'll let you know right now that this fat man is not going to see if this last 48 hours!  I'll do daily application thank you very much!  I also noticed that this is a "non-irritant formula" which was even better.  Thank you Dove for choosing not to send me the irritant probably should not sale that formula to the public...military may have interest in it though.

Time to give this product a whirl.  Instructions are easy...shake vigorously and put the can 6 inches away from the armpit...then spray.  The propulsion system is strong and delivers right away with a slight chilly jolt.  It dried on almost instantaneously and their was not a mess underneath my arm.  I was curious to see if touching it would make a difference, and it did not.  I did not have a messy residue on my fingers.

I went outside and started sprinting to see if this thing can handle a little heat and friction.  First thoughts, why did I allow myself to get so fat?  After heavy panting, and much sweating, I found that the scent was still there and I was not offensive.  I had two ladies watching me and I explained my experiment to them.  They both laughed at the extreme that I went to test it, but they agreed to tell me what they thought of the scent overall.  I got out the can and adding more people to the sweaty party.

Young lady comment - "Smells like Irish Spring.  I would not mind a guy smelling like that.  I would not want to smell like that."  I laughed and explained that is why it says "Men + Care" on the bottle.

Mature lady comment - "Ummmm!  I like the way that smells.  Spray some on your neck and let me smell again."

Wait...this product may be dangerous!  I laughed at that comment as well...and shamelessly placed some on my neck (Don't judge me!).

They both agreed that the spray was holding up on me.  Experiment over.

I am a fan of this liquid projectile.  The scent is nice and the product works.  I am a fan of spray painting your underarms.  That leads to even and balanced coverage.

My verdict - Beast

Has anyone tried this product?  If so, please comment and tell me if you think this product is a "Beast" or a "Bust."


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