MOVIE PREVIEW: "The BFG" - Is it a giant waste of time?


Last updated: July 2, 2016

Originally published: June 30, 2016

( - I received an invite to see Disney's "The BFG" and saw the company that produced it, and automatically wanted to see the film.  They did not give a synopsis of the film, but they did give me a trailer to watch.

Interesting trailer...and quite pleasing to the eyes.  Well, I'll definitely take the time to see this film.

I will spare the expense:  This is a matinee showing.  Seeing this one the big screen, with premium sound, adds to the viewing experience.  I saw it in 3D, and I would recommend seeing it that way as well.  

Why only a matinee showing?  Well, truthfully, I found the story line slow in the beginning, but the film rebounded solidly.  If you get the cheapest priced ticket, and put the cost of 3D on top of that, you may enjoy the purchase.

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