PRODUCT REVIEW: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE Experience Day 1

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Many do not know this, but I love Toyota vehicles.  I love the style, the safety and the fuel efficiency that seems to be the groundwork for every vehicle I see.  I love that Toyota also makes fat man and/or tall man friendly vehicles as well.  Many of you also may not know that my 2004 Toyota Tundra Texas Edition was totaled in rear end accident recently.

Let us fast forward a couple of months later from my accident, and I get a surprise invite from the company I love.  Toyota ask me to test drive a vehicle from their fleet for 1 week and let them know what I think of the vehicle overall.  Well, this is truly a no-brainer for me and I am definitely all in for this experience.  I did let them know that I am a big and tall man, so that will be my first judgement criteria...CAN I EVEN FIT IN IT COMFORTABLY!!!

Lo and behold, last night Toyota arraigned for a vehicle to get dropped off from their fleet...and what do they provide me?  Toyota has a RAV4 Hybrid XLE dropped off for my enjoyment.  It is a pretty metallic blue color, and I am excited to give it a whirl...yet, alas, I had to head to my non-PlayTime job, so any real investigation of this vehicle would have to wait.

I stopped to get something to eat from a local fast food restaurant, and the drive thru worker was impressed with just looking inside the vehicle and let me know just that.  My thoughts on this vehicle will start with Day 2 of my Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE Experience, but I'll let you hear what she said about the vehicle.

Stay tuned for more!


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