PRODUCT REVIEW: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE Experience Day 3

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Day 2 of my Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE experience is in the books, and now time for a new day and new details. 

Rain had saturated the ground, off and on, for many hours leading up to today's journey.  Thankfully, I had full confidence in this small SUV because the previous day gave me rain and gloomy skies as well. 

Toyota showed just how much family meant to them by providing me and my family tickets to a college football championship.  This particular game will be the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) Championship between Grambling State University (GSU) and Alcorn State University (ASU). 

My late father, Alexander Williams, Sr., was a HUGE Grambling State University fan, so my biases ran deep for GSU!  GSU just happened to have a great season, sweeping the SWAC, which included a victory over ASU earlier in the season.  I eagerly had my family, minus a few members, get in the Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE so we could see the action at NRG Stadium.

Day 3 still showcased a smooth and quiet ride from MY RAV4!  The car has a tight turn radius, so you do not have to worry about making overly wide u-turns.  RAV4 also have excellent traction control that kept my wheels firmly on the streets of Houston on a quite moist day.  Anticipation swelled more and more the closer we made it to the stadium.

We finally made it and were ready to get our rooting on!  Surprisingly, Toyota Green Initiative (TGI) was inside and outside the stadium.  TGI had more fuel efficient vehicles for people to see outside, green foods, including a green smoothie, for you to sample.  There was even stationary bikes that generated clean energy for you to peddle on if you so desired. 

There was even some star power for TGI as Lance Gross graciously took pictures with everyone waiting in a quite long line.

All in all, TGI had a very impressive and informative array of items for you to experience...but this day was about the SWAC Championship!  We...well, I, was ready for some football!

It was a great game to behold.  GSU was highly favored to win this game, but GSU came out flat against ASU. 

GSU found themselves in a 17-0 hole at halftime.  GSU, however, came out the second half and dominated like many people thought they would do the entire game.

I am certain that my father had a huge smile upon his face looking at his beloved GSU come from behind and dominate the entire second half of that game.  Time to head home after a great gift from Toyota and TGI.

I made it back to Spring, TX and decided I was still riding high off a GSU victory, and wanted to stay out longer.  I drove to Humble, TX and looked at Slim Chickens, but my wife wanted to come back to it at a later date.

My wife wished to go Logan's Roadhouse where the family and I could dine on happy hour appetizers of various sorts.  My wife mentioned that one feature that could make the RAV4 a true winner was heated seats.  My wife then decided to look to see if that was a feature.  Long story short, yes, heated seats were in my RAV4.  She had her buns warmed while we headed to Logan's Roadhouse to eat their warmed buns.

Heated Seats among this panel

I was finally satisfied with my night, and my belly was pleased with my night as well.  We made it back to Spring, TX and decided to stay in for the rest of the night.

When I finally parked at home, I noticed the fuel gauge.  I have been riding from Spring to Humble, several times in my RAV4 since Toyota dropped it off to me.  I also went from Spring to Cypress and back to Spring.  I also have been downtown and back to Spring...then Spring to Humble and then back to Spring, and my gas needle was still barely moved for such a journey!  This vehicle is truly fuel efficiency at its finest.

Stay tuned for more of my adventures.


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