PRODUCT REVIEW: Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE Experience Day 4

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Day 3 of my Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XLE experience is in the books, and now time for a new day and new details.

Rain is still trying its best to destroy my RAV4 experience, but that simply is not happening! I go to work if it is rainy, sunny, sick, well, no matter what...most of the days I am scheduled to be there.  With that same mentality, I was making certain that me and my family made it to church.  Time to head in the middle of the 4th largest City in the USA.

After a great sermon at The Altar Worship Center, I had a few church members tell me about the looks of the RAV4.  Of course I had to let them see the interior and get their thoughts on things.

Their words:

After church, you have to stop somewhere to eat...and for some reason, everyone was in the mode for burgers.  Well, time to drive from the center of Houston to back in the Spring area.

After some great burgers and Coca-Cola products, and board game family fun, it was time to drop my youngest children back in Humble, TX.

I left Humble and came back to Spring to call it a day and watch television until the sand man did his dirty work.  Before getting out of my RAV4, I did notice that I was still not in danger of needing to refill this vehicle.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures...


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