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Let me put it out there for all to know - I am divorced (As of October 23, 2016, this is no longer the case).

I had many years of marriage, but in the end the two that became one, decided to become two again, from that one, but now the two had more, so the one had a few and we aren't one or two!

Confusing huh?!?

Truly what I am saying is that divorced or not, family is the most important thing you can do with your life, and you will always have the title of "Daddy" to your children, whether they like it or not!!!

With that said, I will take you along my journey of co-parenting and spending time with my children from time to time.  Build those memories to help offset the memories of the divorce that your children will have.   You will learn that lots of money spent is not necessary or needed when you are with your children.  Your children truly just want your most precious resource - your time.

As of October 23, 2016, I started a new journey - a second marriage.  Now I am mixing co-parenting with ensuring that my children and new bride are one, big happy family.



General Living:

At home fun does not have to cost a lot

As I already stated, spending a lot of money with your children is not a prerequisite for being a good parent or father.  Kids are looking to build memories with you, not your wallet!  Those are called teenagers, so enjoy being able to be appreciated as a person and not a piggy bank now!

One frugal dad tip is to go to Redbox and sign up with them for email alerts and text message alerts.  You will normally find that at the bottom of their homepage so just scroll down a look almost to the very bottom page and you should see it.

What this does for you is give you chill time with your children, and all you have to do is buy some popcorn and soda and enjoy a free movie, Rent One Get One Free Movie, etc., while earning points towards a free rental anyway.

It is only about $1 a night for a movie, $1.50 for Blu-Ray discs, and it is a good way to spend time with your children in air conditioning - without spending $70 at the movie theater, for a family of four, with refreshments purchased along with the tickets!

Building these memories did not cost you much but time and a continued showing of love.


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