Trending Now: Blue Bell? Hello! Is that you?

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Today, on this holy day of August 17th, of the year of our Lord 2015, brought much happiness to this fat man.  Not only did this jubilation extend across my ever growing waist, but it has brought joy to the heart of many across our great nation of the United States.

Why is today such a good day?  Because of Blue Bell Ice Cream...plain and simply put...because of them.  Yes, Blue Bell caused many people to see the world in a better light.  The sky is brighter today.  Birds are chirping louder...probably because it is really hot and they are too tired to fly to water here in Houston, but those chirps are louder.  People are speaking with smiles on their faces and love in their hearts.

Why did Blue Bell do to cause such a shift in personality of many?  They did this:

You may seriously believe that I am merely overreacting but there was true sadness about listeria hitting the Blue Bell, and the factory having to close for the first time in its 108 years history.  Take a look at what others felt about Blue Bell closing.

Amon-Ra El

Take a look at this young child and his realization that Blue Bell is not in the freezer section of his grocery store:

I guarantee you that it is not only me!  Take a look at these memes:

Blue Bell is healing race relations!  Look at this:

People are truly happy that Blue Bell is finally coming back!

Barrera strikes again!

No one seems to be more excited about Blue Bell coming back than this guy though!

Fred Thomas

You can even get t-shirts like the initial picture on my page declaring your tenacity during this serious time of Blue Bell famine!  Well, believe that I am anticipating getting my Blue Bell ASAP.  What flavor are you getting?  Mine first flavor will be:

I'll try not to look like this!


  1. This is sooooo freaking ridiculously accurate! Bring back Blue Bell!

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