MOVIE PREVIEW: "Zootopia" - Should you bring your little animals to this film?

Last updated:  February 17, 2016

Originally published:  February 17, 2016

( - I received an invite to see a film called "Zootopia," and being a person that like to view Disney films, I knew I wanted to see this.  Nothing from the movie poster gave anything away to me...simply, Disney is putting out a film that have various animals acting in the behalf of normal human activities for a film.  That's quite the normal plot now and days, so nothing to off the wall yet.

I was given the following synopsis of the movie:

In a city of anthropomorphic animals, a fugitive con artist fox and a rookie bunny cop must work together to uncover a conspiracy.
Well, besides liking to read the word "anthropomorphic," this odd couple conspiracy film has potential.  Let's take a look at the trailer:

I will spare the suspense: This movie is beautiful.  I even recommend seeing this one in 3D to get the full affect of the effects.  With that stated, this decent Disney film would be best seen during the matinee time in 3D.  Definitely get a much better appreciation for this film at the theater.  The plot is decent enough to capture and maintain a child's attention while at the same time not making the parent poke their eyes and ears out.

My full thoughts here:

Enough about me and my thoughts of the film, since the theater was full of people to see this.  What did others think of the film?  Well, here are their thoughts:

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