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With my new website design, I am actually combining many pages.  Here are what my pages used to say:

Sometimes in life, you are faced with tough decisions.  Love is normally one of the toughest decisions we all have to face.  Will you be true to yourself, or will you allow societal pressures in many forms to stop you from true happiness.  For me, my love is simple.  I love food.  I married food once, but I ate it.  I decided to only speed date my food after suck a tragic marriage.

Here you will find all the things that makes me say, yum, yuck or somewhere in between that magical scale of taste.

Here you will also find my thoughts on quality, quantity and many other aspects of why you should or should not food up with me.

Just know that when I give some place a "Fatman Approved" nod, it is truly some place you should go.

Take this journey with me as I continue letting my tongue make me and others happy!

I am a big guy and I like to eat!  I am from New Orleans so I like to eat delicious things!  Sometimes restaurants have good taste, but they feed you like a 50 pound swimsuit model.
Other places have big portions, but food taste like the main spice was water.  Some places have a good mixture of both, but your wallet will be sad afterwards.

Here you will find reviews of many places where I choose to be a mouth tramp!  I like to experiment with different styles of food and will not sugar coat my reviews.

I feel as though culture is best experienced through food, so feel free to let me know if you agree with my assessments!

I have been fortunate enough to travel to a few places in my short life. I definitely love to experience cultures through food...but sometimes your accommodations getting to that food leaves a lasting impression as well!

Here are some tales of my few adventures.


Interesting Houses:


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