Movies and Shows - Should you give your time and resources?

We all love movies!  I especially love movies.  I often watched 2 very famous movie critics and wondered if we watched the same movie.  I often was on the exact opposite end of the movie likability spectrum as them.  I realized one thing...I am the average movie watcher with average movie watcher taste.  Yes, strap the C4 to the bad guy and make him run into the building full of bad guys!  Yes, getting your crotch stuck in a zipper and showing it is funny!  Yes watching him run crazily until those braces came off was not only compelling, but darn cool!

Movies cost a lot now and days!  Dinner and a movie can really mean a hit to your wallet.  Well people, I will save you time and money.  Some movies definitely need to be seen in theaters.  Other movies you should just wait until it makes it to a physical format or digital format to view in your home.

I'll be honest, WITHOUT revealing the plot or the entire movie.

( -  There is always just "that show" that seems to come from out of no where and grab many of the viewer's attention every week.  Here you will find a listing of the shows that I have been asked to comment on from time to time.

What is new and burning up the tubes that you want me to comment on?




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